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This is Hugo, he lives in Galicia, in a village called Castro Riberas de Lea in Spain. They have a traditional Carnival, where you disguise yourself. This year Hugo chose to be me because he loved the album Get Up, With the help of his mum and dad they made a replica of my guitar. Bravo Hugo! #bryanadamsgetup
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Beauty blogger @roxanepapa tells us the wonders our Cuticle Trimmers have done to her nails, and how the 4 Way Nail Buffer files, smooths, buffs and glosses nails to perfection!
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LOL! They thought it would be a hilarious prank. But then it went horribly wrong...

Hilarious Prank Proves It’s Never A Good Idea To Fake Sex With Your Best Friend’s Hot Sister
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For breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or all three, it's up to you.

The Best Pancake Day Recipes
If you’re in a cup-half-empty mood, it’s time to consider the flip side of being a single mother.

I Love Being A Single Mother
"It also came from the idea of putting politicians' words on trial, by putting them in the mouths of young people."

Watch: Political Children Raise Their Voices On Safe Schools
There are even reports of hackers sending children voice messages via the talking bears.

Two Million Conversations Between Parents And Kids Hacked Via Teddy Bear
"The systems have changed since my family's murders, but not enough."

How We Can End Family Violence In Australia
For those who make sure there's at least two backup jars in the pantry.

Peanut Butter Recipes For The Fanatic In Your Life
6. Don't trust the gym machines (or fitness trackers).

Try These 8 Weight Loss Tips That Are Beyond 'Diet' And 'Exercise'