032: GiuliaQuadrifoglio has the best drag coefficient in its class

0.32: #GiuliaQuadrifoglio has the best drag coefficient in its class.
Pure dynamic perfection.

#AlfaRomeo #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Over thirty prizes won throughout Europe in less than a year. Never stop. This is Alfa Romeo Giulia.
It’s been waiting since 1825. There were days when travelling along it meant reaching the most beautiful peak. And now there’s something worthy of its name: Stelvio, the first SUV from Alfa Romeo.
Discover the full range: [ Alfaromeo.com Link ]
Alfa Romeo Stelvio Press Conference in St. Moritz
From its 2758 m, the pass has witnessed history, passion and lives unfold. Today it witnesses the first SUV from Alfa Romeo: Stelvio.
A live surprise is coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!
The Stelvio Pass: feared by some, respected by many. Everyone will know its name, because Stelvio is the very first SUV from Alfa Romeo
Its goal? To thrill.

Over the years, there are those who have challenged it with audacity and passion. The same passion that lives on in the engine of the car now bearing its name: Stelvio.

The 75 hairpin bends of the Stelvio Pass have existed since 1825. A wait made up of stories, memories and emotions.

This 1974 #Giulia GTV 2000 is much more than a vintage car. It brings back the original #AlfaLovers’ passion and loyalty to our brand. Thanks to Fernando Bueno for sharing 1974 GTV 2000 with us. Share your legendary #AlfaRomeo and its story today.
In love, we must dare everything. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the #AlfaLovers. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni #AlfaRomeo
Light up the purest #AlfaRomeo passion, for the first time in the #SUV category.
Discover more of #Stelvio. [ Goo.gl Link ]
Tarmac will be our dancefloor.
Enjoy a lively weekend with the genuine #AlfaRomeo RWD. #GiuliaQuadrifoglio.
Museo Storico Alfa Romeo
1951: #AlfaRomeo wins for the second time in a row the F1 World Championship with Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel of the legendary 159 #Alfetta.

Anywhere, anytime and anyone can recognize an authentic #AlfaRomeo at first sight: elegance, boldness and sporty attitude will never extinguish.
Thanks, Dragos for this shot.
#Giulietta #FuelYourInstinct
Unleash #GiuliaQuadrifoglio’s sheer power in Race Mode: with the new 8-speed automatic transmission, it shifts gear in just 150 milliseconds.
#AlfaRomeo #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Unleash #GiuliaQuadrifoglio’s sheer power in Race mode:
with the new 8-speed automatic transmission, it shifts gear in only 150 milliseconds.

#AlfaRomeo #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
#Paris aime #NewGiulietta.
What’s your favourite VuThéara Photography from this gallery? #FuelYourInstinct
A carbon fiber monocoque that weighs only 73kg, and 940kg of overall technical perfection. #4CSpider brings to life a new concept of lightness in the automotive industry.

Enjoy #GiuliaVeloce with #Q4 AWD system and you’ll wish this winter would never end.
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