Clovis Toon - March 26, 2017
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A Dad's Special Joy
Errol Austin predicted that son Romaine would win gold medal; family members elated
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For #HackLive: Sex Addicts Tom Tilley heads to a swingers club to find out how a ‘normal’ sex drive and sex life is different for everyone.
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‘Dapper Don’ partied alongside his top business associates and family in his new home from home in the United Arab Emirates

Dapper Don splashes the cash in Dubai
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Roy Webster has had two years to get used to jail, but this weekend his cell door may seem to echo that bit louder when it clangs shut.

Roy Webster refusing to face facts over brutal hammer murder
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Paedophile Michael McCarville volunteered in parish and GAA club

Locals left in shock as evil predator is locked up
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A man in his thirties was killed in a single-vehicle crash in the early hours of this morning

Man killed in single vehicle collision
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BREAKING: Rescue workers have recovered the body of a crew member from within the wreckage of the Rescue 116 helicopter

Divers recover body from wreckage of Rescue 116
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A man has been left with serious injuries following a collision

Man seriously injured following two vehicle collision
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A man given a 12-year sentence for raping and sexually abusing his three step-children has lost an appeal against his conviction

Sexually abusive step-dad loses appeal
JUST IN | No timeframe has been given on their return.

Pearce And Cian Hanley Returning To Ireland On Compassionate Leave
This is a mind bending display of thinking and athleticism.

Kiwi Cricketer Takes One Of The Best Close In Catches Of All Time
Triple M Adelaide
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“Arguably the biggest football name to grace our shores!”

Here to play a legends game this weekend... Captained Manchester United more times than any other player and captained the England team 65 times!

Listen here:

Superstar Bryan Robson Joins Ditts & Alby Kidd on The Real Football Show On Triple M!
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مباراة الثلاثاء ستشكل الفرصة الأخيرة للعراق في حين ستكون فرصة ثمينة للمنتخب السعودي للحفاظ على صدارة المجموعة.. ما توقعاتكم؟ [ Link ]

CNN Arabic - تفوق تاريخي عراقي واكتساح سعودي في التصفيات... قبل قمة الثلاثاء في جدة
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شرف الدين يدعو العلماء الصامتين أو المساندين لـ"عاصفة الحزم" إلى مراجعة مواقفهم

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CNN Arabic - شرف الدين يدعو العلماء الصامتين أو المساندين لـ"عاصفة الحزم" إلى مراجعة مواقفهم
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ما هي فرص منتخب مصر في تصفيات كأس العالم برأي لاعب فريق نادي الزمالك محمود عبد المنعم "كهربا"؟ هذا ما قاله لـCNN بالعربية: [ Link ]

CNN Arabic - كهربا لموقعنا: اتحاد جدة "إتخض" من طلب الزمالك ولا مفاوضات مع الأهلي