Ad không biết nói điêu Ad không biết nói xạo Ad luôn

Ad không biết nói điêu @@

Ad không biết nói xạo!

Ad luôn luôn trung thực :)

Hãy như Ad!!!

Là phản hồi khách dùng SUPER GAINER TĂNG 8.KG đó ạ . :)

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While on a hunt for a co-working space in India, this entrepreneur ended up creating one himself!

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Mark Zuckerberg

What are the best stories about randomly meeting a celebrity and not recognizing him/her?
1 Million electric cars may come to India soon. Looking forward to it @Olacabs

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#Ola #Uber #Softbank @Uber

Ola may deploy 1 million electric cars, says SoftBank’s Masayashi Son
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Great news: The solar plant, built in an impressive eight months, is cleaned every day by a robotic system, charged by its own solar panels.
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In the meanwhile, @Flipkart doubles its losses to Rs 2,306 crore. #NotBad [ Link ]


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