Chờ đón những quà tặng cực lớn trong sự kiện tri ân

Chờ đón những quà tặng cực lớn trong sự kiện tri ân cuối năm của Moo Beef Steak.

Cài đặt ngay Moo Beef Steak App để nhận được những sự bất ngờ "bạc triệu".

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I love it when people say my testimonials are fake. It means I'm doing it right ;-)

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Wow... The last few hours have been crazy!

I had no idea what reaction would be when I designed #Shredsanity and flew out to Berlin to produce it... But we had SO many people join the waitlist today that our server almost crashed! Luckily my awesome team have it under control and we're ready for the launch at 5pm UK time today!

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Don't wish for it, work for it! :-)
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#Shredsanity #JAEfit #BeQuadzilla
What goes on behind the scenes when filming a major project like Shredsanity?
Had so much fun making this.... it's going LIVE today:
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No pain, No gain !!

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I had a lot of fun flying out to Berlin to produce Shredsanity and I'm really proud of the result!
48 hours until the floodgates open!
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Hurray it's #TransformationTuesday again. Cue endless vanity posts from PTs and competitors alike ????

I like to post my clients up, but I also like to post my own! (Who doesn't!) So here's a new one stretching from Summer 2010 to November 2016.

Yes I was in decent shape in 2010. Why? Because I was working out 6 days a week and watching my diet carefully. Becoming a PT later that year got...
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Hanging out on #VeniceBeach enjoying the January Sun!

Vest and shorts by Workout Empire

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Having fun on the treadmills here.... no power supply required!

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Just 3 days until Shredsanity opens for registration. I'm so proud of this project and I'm blown away by the community that is already forming around it.
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Biceps workout !!
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