Experience the magic of hearing how helping my crying baby in the

Experience the magic of hearing how helping my crying baby in the middle of the night is my greatest joy rather than a chore or life giving me a hard time. Last night my daughter was up for two hours in the middle of the night. What do you think of and feel when considering having two hours of sleep disrupted, facing fear of not getting enough sleep for the next day, anxiety about will sleep ever come, and more thoughts like this that might come when helping a child, baby, or family member get back to bed in the middle of the night. For most of my life, anything that disrupted my sleep bought out a lot of negative feels from me. With the system I describe in this episode of Happier People podcast, I am grateful now that what could be a hard time instead is a time of great joy as I get time to hug, love, and appreciate my baby girl. Instead of wishing she would go to sleep, I remember how much I wanted to have her in my life. While thoughts come of fear of not enough sleep, they are dismissed easily because I normally aim for ten hours of sleep every night. Who cares if I miss a couple hours even every night? As I consider when to get up and help her, I am grateful to have an understanding with my wife that she determines when to help our daughter and I make myself available to be asked to help when the time is right. After thirty minutes last night, my wife tapped me in and I enjoyed spending the next hour with my daughter followed by thirty more minutes as she went from very sleepy to sound asleep. The reason I share this is to show how anything in life is all about how I see it and to help me remember to make a decision to enjoy each challenge in my life. My exercise for this episode was to be on the lookout today for any task I was going to consider as a chore and rethink it. As my identify was not able to be verified just hours after making this for my new Health Savings Account, I saw that I would have to send the documents in via mail and immediately I switched to “what a chore this is BS” thinking mode. Thankfully remembering this podcast allowed me to snap out it in seconds instead of complaining years later about it as I have done with many things just like this in my life. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy this episode of Happier People podcast!

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Jerry Banfield
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