Fan cơ bắp của Leo :)

Fan cơ bắp của Leo :)
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In the history of independent India, we have not seen this arbitrary a use of state power when it comes to the sanctity of money. The promise on your note “I promise to pay the bearer a sum of X rupees” did not say “only if you keep it in a bank account or only if you withdraw a certain amount a day or spend it in a certain way or in the case of marriage withdrawals give it only to people who...
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It’s permanent revolution
Favebookers in Dublin are gonna have a tough time with Taxi drivers because of this news

Facebook's staff are being paid, on average, these massive six-figure salaries (Reports) |
Time to get active on Instagram again. Let's connect on Instagram!
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Hoping to take some cool pictures on my new iPhone 7 Plus that's coming in a couple of weeks.

Durgesh Kaushik (@durgesh_kaushik) • Instagram photos and videos
World's largest Solar plant in 8 months. Finally, some international publication notices India's grand achievement in Renewable energy!

Also, check-out some ignorant comments on the post by Mashable!

India built the world's largest solar plant in just eight months
While on a hunt for a co-working space in India, this entrepreneur ended up creating one himself!

@Shesh Rao Paplikar @Entrepreneur Entrepreneur India Sneha Banerjee @snehabanerg @vijethashastry @bhiveworkspace Vijetha Shastry BHIVE Workspace Monnappa Bayavanda Rax Sh @RaxSharma

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While On A Hunt For A Co-Working Space In India, This Entrepreneur Ended Up Creating One Himself
My answer to What are the best stories about randomly meeting a celebrity and not recognizing him/her? [ Link ]

Mark Zuckerberg

What are the best stories about randomly meeting a celebrity and not recognizing him/her?
1 Million electric cars may come to India soon. Looking forward to it @Olacabs

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#Ola #Uber #Softbank @Uber

Ola may deploy 1 million electric cars, says SoftBank’s Masayashi Son
Can human body be hacked?

Check this out: The full stack contains a full suite of nootropics (cognitive enhancers) aimed at improving key aspects of your brain function.

Biohacking Recommendations - Product Hunt
Angelist has acquired Product Hunt. That was quick!

AngelList acquires Product Hunt
What young entrepreneurs can learn from powerful media mentors?

What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Powerful Media Mentors
Great news: The solar plant, built in an impressive eight months, is cleaned every day by a robotic system, charged by its own solar panels.
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India unveils the world's largest solar power plant
When a content company gives its prime real estate to Google ads, you know they've got their priorities mixed-up @mashable @mashsocialmedia [ Link ]

Durgesh Kaushik (@durgesh_kaushik) posted a photo on Twitter
In the meanwhile, @Flipkart doubles its losses to Rs 2,306 crore. #NotBad [ Link ]


Esto fue lo que escribió Angelique luego de llegar al hospital...

¿Cuál era tu canción favorita de Selena Quintanilla?
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