The Abarth be like "I'm effin' Italian, the movie ain't called The British Job, is it??"

#LifeIsSoUnfair #Fiat #595 #Abarth #Mini #CooperS #StickShift #EISK77 ft. @jazz_superstar
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VIDEO: Trey Songz talks about how much his mother means to him on #MothersDay.

Trey Songz tells you how to woo a woman
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Shouldn’t even his hapless crush on pumped-up box of hair and song Gaston be indulged, as his natural right to have feelings, however misguided, for another man?

The gay Beauty and the Beast character is the GBFF Disney didn't know it needed
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From hackers to Hawaii, GQ’s longreads of the week.

GQ's longreads of the week
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There are steps you can take to minimize your food waste, especially when it comes to juicing.

What Do I Do with Leftover Juice Pulp? | Vegetarian Times
Both the recipient and donor for Mayo Clinic's first-ever face transplant shot themselves in the head.

How Two Separate Tragedies Gave One Man a New Face
Say hello to the cutest centerpiece for your Easter gathering!

Full tutorial: [ Link ] (via Country Living Magazine)
Plus, the one rumor that hurt Diana the most during her life.

Princess Diana's Bodyguard Reveals Who He Blames for the Crash
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There were still plenty of surprise guests.

Here's how Fader Fort 2017 went down without Drake
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