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Maa Movies
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Action Entertainer #OM..Today at 9 PM on Maa Movies
Maa Movies
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#Rajanna..Today at 6 PM on Maa Movies
Jade Bryce
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Waterfalls are one of my favorite things on earth..
Bye bye, Blondie. This gray is here to stay! Amazing colorwork by @johan.kahlin! Formulas below. #Matrix

FORMULAS: Roots: CS 8P * 10A * dot of 4A & 10vol.
Lengths: CS 10A * 8P * dot 1A & 10vol.
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Like if you're giving your pride and joy a 'mini' makeover this Sunday!
Photo courtesy: d_pearce
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Mrs May, please first address the terrible injustices that your policies cause.
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Stade Pierre Mauroy in 180° #handball2017 #PhenomenalHandball #France2017
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“Day by day we do a better job.” Bahrain’s Husain Ali Alsayyad talks about the Asian team’s second ever IHF World Championship campaign and handball in the tiny nation.

Read the feature on Bahrain here: [ Link ] #handball2017 #phenomenalhandball #france2017 Photos: Julien Crosnier
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Today's matches at the President’s Cup
Predict the results here [ Link ]

#Handball2017 #France2017
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The last eighth-finals match day
Predict the results here [ Link ]

#Handball2017 #France2017
Schöne Grüße von oben! ✌
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PROTECTOR by Only Vimal - An innovation for a man on a mission! #MensFashion #FashionInnovation
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The art of studio sound – digitally remastered. Discover the NEW Neumann KH 80 DSP studio monitor. The system‘s perfection comes from its digital heart: Our DSP engine converts every sound to a reference quality in every environment – so no detail gets lost on the way.

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Por fin hoy regresamos a casa en el torneo, la espera fue larga y ahí estaremos apoyando al grupo del profe Geiner Segura Mora esperamos el aliento de toda nuestra gran afición.
A partir de las 11:00am la pelota se pondrá en juego en el Palmareño Solis.
Los esperamos, vamos Palmares .
Hershey Bears
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GAME DAY! It's Hometown Heroes Night and Dietz & Watson Dollar Dog Night as we host the Lehigh Valley Phantoms at 5 p.m. Tickets are available. Game Preview: [ Link ]
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Which song does it for you?
13.1 miles complete. Medal earned! Congrats to all of our NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half finishers! Share your medal pics with us in the comments.
The roads in Central Park are ready for our NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan runners!