The Only Way is Essex
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Uh oh.. This won't end well... #TeamAmber or #TeamGeorgia ?!

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#BombouNaSemana: Dona Cléo sendo Dona Cléo! --> [ Link ]
El Circo
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The Best Thing About Music .....
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The more life battles we endure the stronger we become. It's in adversity where we find our inner strength. The tears you cry today become the advice and wisdom you pass on tomorrow.
East Coast Breakfast
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When it HITS you that it's Monday tomorrow!
NASA 360
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NASA's Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III collects first light from its home on the International Space Station. Find out more: [ Link ]
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Marathon alert!
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When you realize you wasted another Sunday, but take a nap anyway
(Himouto Umaru Chan)
Esau Marujoz
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Esau Marujoz
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Being Indian
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Me in Exams.
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¡Que culero! JAJA
MasterChef UK
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⚠ Warning: This post will make you hungry. #MasterChefUK
Ultra Music Festival
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Charge up for day 3 of #Ultra2017!
Tenemos que prepararnos... a este paso, veremos la batalla contra los Salvadores la próxima temporada :|
En el PaleyFest se le preguntó a Andrew si pensaba de que algún día Rick y Michonne tendrían un bebé, a lo que respondió "Pues, tenemos que repoblar el mundo, no? Si, definitivamente si"
"Eres una de las cosas buenas en este mundo"
Times Music
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Kalakankar Foundation in association with Times Music presents Ganga Ji's aarti #JaiJaiGange in the melodious voice of sensational Akriti Kakar. Music video releasing tomorrow exclusively on Times Music YouTube channel...

Lyricist- Manoj Yadav | Music Composition- Akriti Kakar