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We hate open letters ..But we hate radio silences even more. So instead of pretending like there's no problem, we figured we need to let you know where we're at and what's going on.

We know it's late in the day - like (and please forgive the pun) SUPER late in the day to be announcing our lineup. Here's the thing though - the lineup's closed and we're happy with it. We've brought about some...
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Vh1 Supersonic
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You've been asking.. and we think you deserve an explanation
Channel 5 News
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Friday's inauguration of Donald J. Trump will be watched around the world - here's everything you need to know
Channel 5 News
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A German newspaper mocked Theresa May for creating a "Little Britain" after her Brexit speech. Here's how the press is reacting throughout Europe.
Channel 5 News
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Prime Minister Theresa May wrote to Donald J. Trump at the end of last year in an attempt to rekindle the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the US, it has been reported today. In it, she quoted Winston Churchill's speech to the American people on Christmas Eve 1941 – just weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Here is the speech in full:
Updated as of 12/29: A previous version of this announcement incorrectly stated the Countdown Celebration gift dungeons award a Super King Gold Dragon. This has since been updated to correctly indicate the King Gold Dragon reward. We apologize for the confusion and thank you for enjoying Puzzle & Dragons.
Beautiful words by Pearl about how Eric Prydz' performance in India is a milestone in itself.
As of today, 12/20 (Tue), the FINAL FANTASY character upgrades are now available in-game!

For more details, view the note below.

If upgrades do not appear, please exit and relaunch the Puzzle & Dragons app. Thank you for playing, and we hope you enjoy!

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*Rank 50 Christmas Egg Machine*
[Duration]: 12/19 (Mon), 12:00 AM - 12/25 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PST)

It’s time to celebrate the holidays! Here’s a special treat in the form of the Rank 50 Christmas Egg Machine.

Starting today, players of Rank 50 or above will be able to receive one Christmas character from the Rank 50 Christmas Egg Machine free of charge!

During this event, an in-game mail will...
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MY BROTHER'S KEEPER by Rod Bragg profiles a variety of believers — ranging from the nominal to the devout — who risked all to protect Jews during the Holocaust.

Find out more about what happened this week in history and how Christians helped.
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Yelena Solano Guerra

Karen Madrigal Obando

Deben presentarse este viernes de 8:00 am a 4:30 a las oficinas de Repretel para retirar las entradas, pueden llamar al 22 99 74 00
Mấy thánh hát hay không bằng hay hát nhào vô nà =)))

Xem chi tiết tại => bit.ly/coverhit
Here are some basic guidelines for the #AmexPresentsAnoushka #SherpContest kicking off at 2pm today!

American Express
Here is a detailed timeline of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa's life in films and politics, which follows her evolution from silver screen stardom to political icon status.

February 24, 1948*

Jayalalithaa is born in Melukote, in what was then Mysore State, presently in the state of Karnataka, to Jayaram and Vedavalli. At birth, she was named after her paternal grandmother,...
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Hay Day
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Reminder - End of support for devices with #iOS versions lower than 7.x!
Lớp mình ai hát được tham gia đi nè ;)

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There cannot be unconditional love without unconditional forgiveness. Forgiveness is not related to the expectation that those who have hurt us will recognize their actions and make amends. Forgiveness is an intimate act that does not imply having a physical interaction with the “offender”; the communication can simply occur at soul level.

Forgiveness can either concern someone who has...
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To attempt to change the course of events, to struggle to make or not make things happen, means to try to divert the natural flow of life. Things simply happen and they always spontaneously happen in perfect timing.

If we try to hasten the manifestation of events at any cost, they will more likely rapidly dissolve into a fog of incompleteness, or just go ahead with many difficulties, or...
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From the perspective of the Oneness, we forgive by becoming aware that we are the co-creators of our suffering: “I forgive you. You have been my mirror through which I could understand how much I did not love myself. I feel for you the most profound gratitude. Thanks to you I have become conscious of my wounds and am now able to observe, recognize and heal them.”

Anger and resentment,...
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Our thoughts and our emotions are powerful and infallible energy fields that attract complementary energies. This is how we co-create every moment in our lives. Other people, in the role of our mirrors, are neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong, they are beyond all judgment and merely reflect what we project onto them. Also, the pain that is caused by our mirrors is a gift to be...
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