We are so happy Matthew is alive and well! This is proof of how important our antivenom program is!

In a happy twist, the spider that bit Matthew has now been brought to The Australian Reptile Park to become a part of our milking program and will now help save the lives of others bitten by funnel webs!

Please keep bringing your funnel web spiders to us! For more information head to
Come to life with beach culture on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Where's your favourite patch of sand?
Stephen Wiltshire is a Bajan by descent! His father Colin was a Bajan who died when Stephen was only 3 years old
Auckland Zoo
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With their serpent-like necks and round unusual eyes, there's just something about seeing our snake-necked turtles that is mesmerising!

In this week's Zoo Tales episode, ectotherm keeper Seth tells us about these long-lived and long-necked turtles.
San Diego Zoo
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There will soon be a new way to get around the Zoo.
Rotorua NZ
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A look back at #RotoruaNZ in 1970 courtesy of this British Pathé footage. "The welcome waiting for the stranger is famous throughout the whole land" - Something that's still true today! Thanks @NostalgicRotorua
A popular spot for surfers and beach lovers in general, Domes in Rincón is named after an old dome-shaped power plant visible from the coast.

Join the fun and book now to save up to 60% on hotels:

There's no passport required for US citizens!
Art of Living International Center, Bangalore is all set to host the #Shivratri2017 celebrations in presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar | A sneak peak from Guru Paduka Vanam!

Join us today, 6 PM onwards at the center.
Costa Rica's president Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera sends an invitation to actress Emma Stone to visit #CostaRica after she mentioned she was interested in our country. Pura vida Emma!
Did you know it's National Children’s Oral Health Month? Help us thank our friends from Delta Dental of Massachusetts for celebrating with a dental fair for our patients and families. The day included games, giveaways, and fun opportunities for kids to learn how to keep their teeth healthy.
This is what happens when Emma Stone says she'd love to visit Costa Rica.
Der Frühling kommt immer näher! Entdecke ab sofort die ersten Frühlingsangebote in den Stores: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Get hyped!! The 3rd Annual TELUS Kelowna Cup is coming up Saturday, March 4th! $20 registration includes breakfast, t-shirt, BBQ & more! All ages and abilities are invited to come out and race. Sign up today: goo.gl/Rk3sPF
THE JOKER Free Fly Coaster has been topped off!
Crazy Rides Got A Whole Lot Crazier With Friends! #WOWMoment
Mayo Clinic
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The latest Mayo Clinic National Health Checkup revealed only 2 in 5 Americans (42 percent) are aware of what's called the target heart rate ─ a point at which your heart is being exercised and conditioned but not overworked. [ Mayocl.in Link ]