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Do you like sport, especially cricket? Then you might enjoy these sport-related bloopers.
If you like funny English errors, you will love this essay! It's full of English language mistakes perpetuated by some very confused school kids... Read with caution or you might find yourself more confused about English than before.
Sam Hill
02/15/2017. Facebook
MBUK Magazine have published a grouptest of six of the best flat pedals, with the Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill pedal coming out on top!

Here’s what they said:

These are hands down the grippiest pedals we tested. The well-sized 100x100mm platform is 16mm deep with a good concave shape.
Because the long pins screw in from beneath it’s easy to replace bent or broken ones, and if you remove the...
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We are seeing dangerous fire conditions across NSW. Conditions will continue to deteriorate on Sunday.

Catastrophic fire danger is expected in a wide area including the Greater Hunter, Upper Central West Plains, North Western, Central Ranges and parts of the North Coast.

Please share this information with family and friends.
Dangerous fire conditions are being experienced across NSW. This is due to high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity.

Large areas of NSW are experiencing Very High or Severe fire danger ratings on Saturday.

On Sunday, the conditions will worsen. Large areas will experience Severe and Extreme Fire Danger.

In addition, Catastrophic conditions are expected in areas including the Greater...
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The extreme heat and elevated fire danger rating predicted for this weekend have forced the closure of a number of national parks and reserves, and walking tracks, in the Sydney, Hunter, Central Coast, and Great Lakes region.
• For updates and the latest information on park closures visit:
• For the latest information on bushfire activity and fire danger ratings visit
If you know a lot about music, you will love this hilarious essay! #fail
Statewide Total Fire Ban in place this weekend #heatwave
Want to know about the world? Want to know more about Australia? Then DON'T read this essay, packed with funny English errors.
As temperatures soar over the next few days, the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is warning of dangerous fire conditions across many parts of NSW.

Temperatures are expected to reach the mid 40s in many areas with strong winds and low humidity.

NSW RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said that based on latest forecasts, Severe and Extreme fire dangers are expected in widespread areas, and...
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Dangerous fire conditions are forecast over coming days. We are likely to see widespread Severe and Extreme fire dangers, and there is the potential for Catastrophic fire danger on Sunday.

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Politics can divide us and make us depressed. But this essay will cheer you up. It comes from a series of real-life funny English errors. Like and share for a cure for your political blues #altfacts
The kids who inspired this funny essay on the human body are really confused — and so is their English. Homophones create a lot of confusion, such as "mussels" and "muscles". And words and phrases that sound kind of similar (like "delirious" and "dangerously hilarious") often confuse kids, sometimes with hilarious results. Which is your favourite funny English error in this essay?
Kids write on the subject of love and marriage with hilarious results. Check it out...
These "Histories According to Student Bloopers" are becoming the most popular features of the new Facebook Page for The Funny Dictionary. This essay is about the Magna Carta.
This hilarious high school "essay" is packed with funny English errors... How many can you identify? Which one is your favourite?
Kids say the darndest things. Here is an essay on William Shakespeare according to real-life student bloopers. Tip: don't copy this essay if you wish to pass!