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There's no better way to start the week than watching tap dancing noses.
Ten Eyewitness News Sydney
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Triple M Adelaide
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So those deep cuts between the classics arent picked by a box anymore... Iron Hayden

Santos Tour Down Under, January 14 to 22 - tourdownunder.com.au…Australia’s premier cycling race
Daily Mail Australia
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We're exploring the intricacies of stupidity!

#9ScienceOfStupid | TONIGHT 7.30pm
The Loop
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Justin Hill gives all the latest on what's been happening with Kanye West.
AVO Comedy
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AVO Comedy
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AVO Comedy
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when he does the impossible

Like: Uncle Awesome
AVO Comedy
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AVO Comedy
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AVO Comedy
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The Dolphins have arrived into Windsor and are braving the winter chills as the countdown to Tuesday's opening sessions hot up for the 13th Fina World Short Course Championships.
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Had to get one more jam in with SodTp Music Page while he's in town..
Tonight Alive
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We are teachable. Accept yourself as a constant student. Watch Jenna and Dakota’s video on spirituality: [ Youtu.be Link ]
Sarah Mudle
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The one time I have a guest and Elfie does this to him . Nothing is safe this month
Emily Skye
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Abs and Core Circuit!
Emily Skye F.I.T 28 day and 12 week programs
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