Tash Sultana
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Greeted in Singapore by these two. Thanks guys
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Good Riddance to Baird Rubbish...
The McClymonts
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Thanks for the fun game Country Music Channel-BSM
Anna Meares
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Anna Meares
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Successfully completed my first #bupachallenge ride with Cycling, Tour Down Under today
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E R Y K A . S T A N T O N
Ne Obliviscaris
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We just passed $10,000USD per month on our Patreon and are now at 67% of our 15k target!

We are aiming to reach our target by the end of February so follow the link if you haven't signed up already.

We are streaming our acoustic show LIVE via Patreon tomorrow at 2:15 AEDT for all members. If you're in Melbourne you can come for FREE if you're a member. (Just RSVP via Patreon)

We are...
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Ne Obliviscaris is creating Music, Videos, Art, Experiences | Patreon

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Super psyched to be touring Australia unexpectedly next week!!!!! Shit yeah
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Mia Freedman
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Our hearts are with Melbourne tonight. Particularly the victims, their families and friends, the bystanders and all those injured.

Video emerges of the moments before chaos erupts in Melbourne CBD, killing three.

Mia Freedman
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Mia Freedman
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BREAKING: Stay away from the Melbourne CBD. The situation appears extremely dangerous and not yet resolved.

Number of people injured as chaos unfolds in Melbourne CBD.

Mia Freedman
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Mia Freedman
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What I love about Mamamia - one of the reasons I started it almost ten years ago - is the way we can present a variety of different opinions. The anti-bubble. We discussed this on the Mamamia Outloud podcast this week and Jessie Stephens and I went head to head, but she builds her case beautifully and I know there are many who will agree with her.

Unpopular opinion: The Australia Day lamb ad romanticises genocide.

Mia Freedman
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My dogs already like to lick my hair when it's wet. THIS WOULD MAKE THEM LOSE THEIR MINDS.
Mia Freedman
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David Campbell
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The Rumjacks
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Huge news North America!
We're excited to officially announce we're coming to visit! Check therumjacks.com for dates.
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You know what we're talking about.