I am from Austria
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...es geht sich aus
Hillsong Church
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Announcing: STAY THE PATH the newest book from Pastor Bobbie Houston hitting stores near you soon. Pre orders available now at [ Bobbiehouston.com Link ]
The perfect reverse parking technique.. People, take note!
How did he do it? So lucky!
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Roger Federer: an incredible sportsman, father and husband. What a champion!
Time is running out for LGBTIQ Australians to have their say in just.equal & PFLAG Australia's national survey!

If you're not LGBTIQ, or you've already completed the survey, now's the time to share this link so your LGBTIQ friends and family see it before it closes:

Survey's here:
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Is it bedtime yet?!
Happy New Year!
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Stare at the white dot for 10 seconds, then look at Van Gogh's Starry Night below.
How cool is that?
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Every parent on Monday morning because NO MORE SCHOOL LUNCHES! #HelloSchoolHolidays