Turns out Peta Credlin does comedy on weekends. Abbott doesn't want to be Prime Minister again? Priceless

Turnbull government on life support but Abbott doesn't want the top job: Credlin

Katharine Murphy:
There are two substantial headwinds buffeting the Coalition at the present time. One is disruption of the established order of Australian politics, and the other is disunity. Disruption and disunity. Unless both can be managed, the prognosis is inescapable, and bleak as a Canberra winter. It’s death.

The postie always rings twice: Abbott and Fahour give Coalition the smell of death

“Tony Abbott is not going anywhere despite attempts to buy him off with a taxpayer job to leave the parliament,” his former chief of staff Peta Credlin said, adding that it was too late to give him a frontbench role, something Malcolm Turnbull has refused to do.

Peta Credlin says Tony Abbott motivated by frustration and 'is not going anywhere'

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Madonna has been sharing a stack of photos recently of her adorable 4 year old twin girls Estere and Stelle- including one of them in matching pjs and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
So cute!

Madonna Shares New Family Photo of Her Twin Girls Wearing Matching Pyjamas!

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A teacher in the US has created a sensory chair to help special needs children focus better at school. The creation has gone viral since being shared.

A Teacher's Sensory Chair Creation Goes Viral - Go Ask Mum

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Melissa Tkautz opens up about her love affair with Simon Baker back in the day and makes a startling revelation about his fame!

Real Housewives star Melissa Tkautz Speaks About her Fling with Simon Baker

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At what point would you intervene – particularly when it comes to someone else’s parenting. When is it right to step in?

Would You Stop a Mother from Screaming at Her Child? - Go Ask Mum

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Apparently not everyone is addicted to caffeine?

Perth’s Best Cafes For Non-Coffee Drinkers

WNBA | We caught up with Rachel Jarry who talked about heading to the Atlanta Dream's training camp in an attempt to secure a roster spot for the 2017 season.


WNBA: Rachel Jarry signs with the Atlanta Dream

As an Aussie, which NBA team should you support?

We took a good look at all 30 teams.


Who should Australia’s NBA team be?

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We like the cut of your jib, James Crooks:

Introducing: James Crooks

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Shannon Noll pranked his crowd in Queensland last night by being escorted offstage by police following his no-show in an Adelaide court on Friday.

Shannon Noll 'arrested' on stage following Queensland gig

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The Dwarves, Nashville Pussy, and Totally Unicorn are just some of the mindblowing bands making their way to AC/DC Lane for CherryRock 017.

Cherry Bar unveils insane lineup for 11th annual Cherry Rock festival

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Oh this is so funny! Has your partner got up to any fun when looking after the kids? [ Mofmums.com Link ]

Video: This is what happens when Dad is left alone with the baby