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I never get tired of watching this little girl pose for the camera! Do you have someone like this in your life?
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We go a little deeper into Thundercat's new LP, Drunk, plus new singles from The Aston Shuffle, Lastlings, LDRU and more: [ Link ]
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Tone Deaf
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Are these video recording glasses made by Snapchat the worst idea yet?
Mouths of Mums
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We can't contain our excitment - Look what we have for you to review and keep for free!! So are you ready to get your hands on a The Philips Avent Healthy Baby Food Maker and share your thoughts with the MoM community? LIKE AND SHARE with your friends ☺ and make sure your profile is up to date on our website (or sign up if you haven't already!). Applications are opening this week so keep an...
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We hit the road with Nissan’s Y61-series Patrol for the final time.

Full verdict: [ Link ]
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We just can't get enough of this ute. Can you?
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Buy a car that suits your needs AND your budget so you don't end up on your scooter forever.
Is porchetta in the oven or on the spit more your style? Here’s how to prepare it for your own Italian feast.
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This will really make you think about the 'visitor attitude'. Watch the full clip:
[ Link ]
Advance Australia - Where?
A light hearted look at halal in Australia.
Thanks to Doug.
Great Music & Song & Video from Doug - Top Quality Mate!
One of our Members [AK] asks...
Where can I get the songs and music from i live in Adelaide I love the aussie music that I have seen on your page - that's why I'm asking
I'll pay for them - I'd like someone to get paid for them - i don't copy it's not right - that's why I asked where can I get them.
BOYCOTT HALAL says... Well if Doug...
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Congratulations! Because of you, every MP across Australia has received messages from local voters!

Keep them coming! Add your message at:

Heartfelt messages like this one from the Northern Territory make sure our MPs know how many Australians support equality: "Fairness and equality are the basic values my husband and I hold to. Many family members / friends / people we meet everyday are...
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The 2017 Best Picture Oscar wasn't the first awkward award show stuff up.
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And the Oscar for best picture goes to... La La Land... No, hang on. It goes to Moonlight. We think.

Read more here: [ Link ]
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"Check it out, I am the ultimate badass". RIP Bill Paxton.

Read more: [ Link ]
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On a day that celebrates cinema, here's a look at how Ang Lee made history with his latest film 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk'
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