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"We tell our children that it is 'what’s on the inside that counts', yet we bring them up to be perturbed by pigments in our skin, by the area of our faces that are covered. A baby isn’t born a racist, they are born into racism. And in our current political state, I am concerned for our future generations."

'We need leadership – quickly': first-year students on the biggest issue facing Australia
In its final set of public hearings, the royal commission into child sexual abuse will, for the first time, hold public hearings into Australia’s immigration detention regime on Nauru and Manus Island.

Child abuse inquiry to scrutinise Australia's detention regime on Nauru and Manus
Rambling and long-winded anecdotes could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, according to research that suggests subtle changes in speech style occur more than a decade before the more serious mental decline takes hold.

Long-winded speech could be early sign of Alzheimer's, says study
Despite the suspension of Donald J. Trump's (not #MuslimBan) travel ban, a schoolteacher and British citizen travelling to New York as a member of a Welsh school party has been denied entry to the US – escorted from the plane by security in front of students and colleagues.

British Muslim teacher denied entry to US on school trip
There is a growing push to change parliamentary terms to a fixed four years. But any change in that direction would require a referendum to alter the constitution. Which box would you tick?

Fixed four-year parliamentary terms would end 'phoney war' over election timing, Liberal MP says
Malcolm Turnbull: “Just because preferences are directed to a party doesn’t mean that you support them – quite the contrary.”
How could you possibly misinterpret prefer and support?

Malcolm Turnbull says WA deal doesn't mean Liberal party supports One Nation
"They can contact Centrelink, and sort out the problem." Just call, says Brandis! And the Q&A audience fell about in fits of laughter at the attorney general's amusing joke.

“Everyone knows we are Syrian refugees. They stop and shake hands with us and ask us how we are doing. Here it’s not warm in weather, but warm in emotions and feelings.”

Life as a Syrian refugee in Canada's frozen north
SA Power Networks says it knew it was a software glitch that caused an additional 60,000 homes to be out of power this month, but the state’s network operator stayed quiet for a week and a half while the Turnbull government continued to attack South Australia's use of renewable energy.

Software glitch to blame for blackout of extra 60,000 SA homes in heatwave
What distinguishes the core of the rightwing populist electorate is its gullibility to idiocy-promoting rhetoric against climate science.

Well, in Australia, people are quickly finding out where such rhetoric gets you: more devastating bushfires; a longer fire season; more extreme hot days; longer droughts. And an energy grid so overloaded with demands from air conditioning systems that it is...
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Climate scepticism is a far-right badge of honour – even in sweltering Australia
"It was tailor-made for the anti-immigration press: a crazed man wearing a suicide vest 'filled with gasoline and gunpowder' enters a supermarket in a small town in northwestern Spain, shouts 'Allahu Akbar!' and opens fire. One small problem: it didn’t happen."

Europe's biggest paper ran a bogus refugee 'sex mob' story. What now?
A spate of overdoses in Victoria – including the deaths of three people from a “bad batch” of ecstasy – has reignited the push for drug-testing services. Calla Wahlquist takes a fresh look at a 20-year-old debate.

Melbourne overdoses 'could have been avoided' if pill testing was available
Guardian Australia
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French far-right party dismisses police search as ‘media operation whose goal is to disturb course of presidential campaign’

Marine Le Pen's Front National headquarters raided by police
Guardian Australia
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Guardian Australia
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A light plane that crashed into a shopping centre near Essendon airport in Melbourne, killing all five people on board, suffered "catastrophic engine failure", police say.

Melbourne plane crash that killed five blamed on 'catastrophic engine failure'
Guardian Australia
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The American Conservative Union has rescinded its invitation to Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the group’s annual conference after footage emerged in which the rightwing provocateur suggested sex between "younger boys" and older men could be a "coming-of-age relationship".

Milo Yiannopoulos disinvited from CPac after making comments on child abuse
Guardian Australia
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A gaming company in New Zealand is luring employees from around the world by offering unlimited paid annual leave, a share in the company’s profits and no set work hours.

New Zealand startup offers unlimited holiday and profit share to attract workers