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Adele has revealed the controversial trait her son has inherited from her!

While you were sleeping: the biggest overnight news stories 27/3/17
Guardian Australia
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"People before possums," says Australia's deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce.

Barnaby Joyce wants Leadbeater's possum off endangered list to boost logging
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Labor has attacked the Nick Xenophon Team as "all talk and no action" after it failed to make a submission to the Fair Work Commission on penalty rate cuts despite insisting it was still trying to protect workers.

Nick Xenophon accused of being 'all talk' after failure to make penalty rates submission
Guardian Australia
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In an extract from his new Quarterly Essay, David Marr finds that One Nation voters are richer, more urban and more liberal than you might expect. But they are profoundly nostalgic, display an unusual gloom and share a vehemently anti-government streak.

Looking back, and angry: what drives Pauline Hanson's voters
Guardian Australia
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"There is nowhere else on the planet right now where the dichotomy between two potential futures – one where we address the climate change crisis, one where we ignore this momentous threat and continue with business as usual – is playing out in such a dramatic and explosive way as Australia," writes Bill McKibben.

In the battle for the planet's climate future, Australia's Adani mine is the line in the sand | Bill McKibben
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More than 5,000 people will be evacuated as Cyclone Debbie – now officially a category three storm – continues to move toward the Queensland coast.

Cyclone Debbie: 3,500 evacuated as 100km/h winds buffet Queensland
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Chef Pete Evans: “What do you need a qualification for to talk common sense? Why are doctors the experts? What are their qualifications?”
Actual doctors: “Pete Evans [is] putting his fans health at risk [..] Celebrity chef shouldn’t dabble in medicine."

AMA accuses Pete Evans of endangering lives with unscientific health advice
Guardian Australia
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Joe Biden: “I didn’t run because no man or woman should announce they’re running for president of the United States unless they can look the public in the eye and promise you they can give you 100% of [their] attention and dedication to this effort. I couldn’t do that.”

Joe Biden: I regret not running for president – because I could have won
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“John Lewin was an artist trained in anatomy, with a background in natural history painting, and yet to me the kangaroos are highly anthropomorphised, almost Disney versions, sitting there looking soppily out of the picture. It’s the same with the landscape: it’s almost as if the early artists just could not find a way to convey what they were actually seeing.”

Kangaroo paintings found in London may be Australia's earliest oils
Guardian Australia
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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will scrutinise the behaviour of electricity retailers, and the contracts offered to residential and business customers, to ensure Australians are benefiting from competition.

Coalition asks competition watchdog to investigate energy prices
Guardian Australia
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Soon after arriving at the Moscow protest, anti-Putin opposition leader Alexei Navalny was bundled into a police bus, which was unable to drive away for several minutes as crowds set upon it and tried to free him. Protesters were later beaten away by riot police amid shouts of "shame" and "Russia will be free".
At least 700 people were detained in Moscow alone, including The Guardian reporter...
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Opposition leader Alexei Navalny detained amid protests all across Russia
Guardian Australia
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Scott Morrison MP - ScoMo has blasted Pauline Hanson's Please Explain, warning that Australians did not expect their parliamentarians to "go on strike".

Scott Morrison attacks One Nation's vote boycott threat over sugar dispute
Guardian Australia
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"Trump has frequently vowed to exterminate Isis by all means. It is one of his few clearly stated foreign policy aims. The White House accused Obama of micromanaging operations. Trump, in contrast, appears to have delegated most control to Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, the former general appointed Pentagon chief."

The west condemned Russia’s bombs, but now coalition attacks on Mosul are killing innocents
Guardian Australia
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As we’ve recently seen from leaked CIA documents, no one is immune to hacking attacks. Here’s how to protect yourself against them, whether they come from opportunist thieves or state-sponsored spies.

12 ways to hack-proof your smartphone
Guardian Australia
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Devin Nunes, who served on Donald J. Trump's transition team, is now the chairman of the House intelligence committee investigating the Trump campaign’s alleged links with Moscow.
But after the FBI chief was questioned last week, Nunes called off a crucial second day of hearings, disappeared from an Uber ride that night to see possibly critical documents, failed to share those documents with...
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Lawmaker's 'peculiar midnight run' endangers Trump-Russia inquiry
Guardian Australia
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If an election were held last weekend, the government would have lost 24 seats.

Voters desert Coalition in latest poll as Labor takes 10-point lead