Make your documentary more cinematic and visually engaging.

Visual Vocabulary: How to Add Motion to Your Documentary Shots
One of the best take downs I have seen while covering these protests! Seriously!

Portland Police Crack Down On Protesters With Fantastic Take Down!!
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Take the next 10 minutes to learn how to create a voice-controlled Android app.

Learn to Create a Voice-Controlled Android App in Our New Course
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A good way to scale your business and serve more clients without giving up more of your time.

Productization: How to Turn Your Services Into Top Products
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Get all the information you need to start your studies in Australia today. Attend our Education event in Accra to find out how you can start your studies in Australia. Register today at [ Link ]

2017 Australia Future Unlimited: Education Exhibition Ghana
This one is our favourite, what about you?

*Cats make eye contact just with people they trust. And when the kitty blinks, it is actually sending you a kiss. So blink back in return!

10 Unexpected Ways Your Cat Is Actually Saying ‘I Love You’
Taking a trip? Here's how to care for your gear while away.

How to Travel Safely with Your Camera Gear
The Radial filter in Lightroom has many potential uses - here are some of them.

Creative Use of the Radial Filter in Lightroom
Victoria Police
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Victoria Police
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Victoria Police
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Sally Lee is believed to be in the CBD or the Enterprise Park area with 28-year-old Benjamin Gowland.

Search for missing teenager Sally Lee Gordon-Smith
A pregnant NSW woman was pulled over in Wollongong earlier this year with a blood alcohol level of .094 while there were three children in the back...

Pregnant woman caught mid-range drink driving with three children in the...
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Although English is the most commonly spoken language, Australia is linguistically diverse. Many languages, sub-languages and dialects were spoken across the continent before 1788.

Most of the Aboriginal languages spoken today are endangered, some critically so.

Learn words in Indigenous Australian languages with four young speakers
Learn English
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Let's learn about the skills and strategies you need to practise for reading test success. Reading tests often require efficient and accurate reading. There's not enough time to read the texts closely so you need to develop the ability to find information quickly.

Moving your eyes quickly over a page is called scanning. The ability to do this with a page of text is part of what’s assessed in...
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How to develop your English reading skills
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Listen to my weekly chat with Ben Fordham here: [ Link ]

» Tony Abbott | Sydney Talk Radio
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How do I apply for an undergraduate degree? What do I need to include in my application?

Study undergraduate - Australian Catholic University