What was that about a "bit of light reading" this weekend for today?
Lane Cove Municipal Council bans anti-coal and gas groups holding forums in council owned venue.

You could ask Lane Cove Mayor Deborah Hutchens why her council is targeting anti coal and gas groups like Lane Cove Coal and Gas Watch.

Send emails to: dhutchens@lanecove.nsw.gov.au
Wollar's remaining residents are determined to revive their community, but now Peabody Energy has applied for a major expansion of the mine, which would bring it right up to the edge of the village. Can you stand with Wollar? [ Lockthegate.org.au Link ]
Interested in making your health & wellbeing a priority in 2017?

Join us at USQ Springfield on April 5 for the Health & Benefits Fair to access expert advice and info from a range of health providers, and enjoy these attractions for free: [ Ora.cl Link ]
Join professional writer Belinda Pollard this Wednesday as she explains the importance of knowing the difference between their, there and they're.

Register for the free, online session, we'll see you...there? [ Ora.cl Link ]
Homeless people and refugees received free dental treatment from dentists and UWA dental students - bit.ly/2nqUjy9
Severe Tropical cyclone Debbie strengthened into a category 3 system this morning, and is expected to intensify further as it continues to move west-southwest towards the north Queensland coast today and overnight tonight. Severe Tropical cyclone Debbie is forecast to make landfall as a category 4 tropical cyclone between Ayr and Cape Hillsborough, north of Mackay, on Tuesday morning.
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Royal Australian Navy
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Imagery associated with Navy Daily news articles. Visit Navy Daily at [ Navy.gov.au Link ].
Royal Australian Navy
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Blast from the Past - Sailors messdecks on warships were a bit different from the ones in today's Navy. #AusNavy
Royal Australian Navy
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On this day, 27 March 1941, HMAS Stuart (1) commanded by Captain ‘Hec’ Waller departed Alexandria in Egypt to undertake escort and patrol duties.

Stuart, in common with most of the Mediterranean Fleet destroyers in 1940 and 1941, was almost constantly at sea.

By the end of her service in the Mediterranean she was in desperate need of a refit and returned, with her port engine completely...
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Telethon7 Perth
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Visit galabid.com/polo or SMS Polo and your name (e.g. Polo Jane Smith) to 0458 678 678. This incredible prize will be drawn at Polo in the Valley on the 2nd of April! All proceeds to Telethon.
Tickets to the event are selling FAST - to secure your spot in the exclusive Polo in the Valley - Telethon Marquee visit [ Telethon7.com Link ]
You have a home, they don't.


Today, you are sleeping in an overpopulated refugee camp. Your life has been on pause for 3 years.

You wake up in a camp that you're forced to call 'home'. There are no showers. There is not much food either. Your siblings and your cousins all sleep in the same room.

Most of the time, you wonder what happened to your father or your...
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Where’s the best coffee on campus? Let us know where you get your caffeine kick!
Catch up on the latest episode of In Conversation with Alex Malley. Join Alex Malley, Chief Executive of CPA Australia, as retired astronaut Andy Thomas shares the key to realising your dreams – even if you don’t aspire to reach the stars. [ Inconversationwithalexmalley.com Link ]
Family Update
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It can't hurt to have a look to see if any of this $1.2 billion of unclaimed money might have your name on it.

There is around $1.2 billion worth of unclaimed money is sitting in bank accounts, shares, life insurance and more, waiting to be found! It's easier than you think to lose track of money after moving house, moving overseas, or just simply forgetting.

Do your own unclaimed money...
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Griffith University
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His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, launches the Malaria Vaccine Project today, a lifesaving fundraising initiative by Rotary International.
Of the groundbreaking work being done at the Institute for Glycomics he says, "This represents Australian science and innovation at its very best. This is what will...
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Griffith University
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Are you a 1st year student at Griffith? Do you want to win $500? Tell us why you chose Griffith and the things that mattered most by completing a quick online survey now! Closes 3 April! [ Ysquares.com.au Link ]
Anthony Albanese MP
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Tomorrow in New York, representatives from more than 100 nations will gather to negotiate a global treaty to ban nuclear weapons, sadly Australia won’t be one of them. Please SHARE if you want the Government to work for a nuclear free world
Since midnight, the SES has received 236 requests for assistance. Between the rain, wind and poor visibility, please take extra caution when picking up the kids from school or heading home from work tonight! For emergency storm assistance, please call 132 500.