After surging for five years, Australia’s hot property market may finally be cooling.

So what happens if house prices fall? [ Link ]

Chris Dirks
The inestimable Christine Anu is celebrating National Reconciliation Week with us today. #AusFedPolice #NRW20176
Australian Federal Police
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Laurel Dahlhelm Prince
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Trevor Horne
Sevanaia Manogi Sukurua
R U OK Day
R U OK Day
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“I struggled a lot with my diagnosis initially - it took me a good couple of years before I shared it with anyone. So, basically my husband was the only one that knew. He’s definitely been my rock during the hard times.”

R U OK? Ambassador Beata English opens up about her diagnosis with bipolar and how the support of her husband made a difference.
R U OK Day
Anni Leppin-Parritt
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Sarah Dale is an immigration lawyer on the frontline in the fight against Peter Dutton’s cruel immigration policy.
Dave P H Dang
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*facepalm* The Turnbull Government has just announced it wants the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund coal.

Just a reminder -- 'clean coal' is an oxymoron favoured by morons.
David Mayo
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Oh great. The board of NAIF — the Government agency that could give Adani a billion dollars — is stacked with coal interests.

Could this dirty deal be any dodgier?
Pat Jansen
Hugh Bird
James Cutfield
SA Police News
SA Police News
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Can you help SA Police solve this week’s featured Crime Stoppers South Australia offence? Police are appealing for information to identify a man wanted for armed robberies on two hotels.

The man, believed to be aged in his 20s, was filmed robbing the Feathers Hotel at Burnside about 1.45am on Sunday, 22 January. He was seen to be concealing a handgun and threatened staff.

The same man is...
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Can you help SA Police solve this weeks featured Crime Stoppers South

17-50 Aggravated Robbery - The Bartley Tavern and Feathers Hotel

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visiting Rewards are available and you can rema...

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Joan Merete Hansen
Winter is coming #snowdown
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Victoria Police
Victoria Police
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Eddie Nicholls
We're backing small business to grow & create new jobs while Labor plans a new tax to drag small business down.
Les Hindmarsh
Colin Smith
Wes Deane
The government has confirmed it: they want to raise the pension age to 70. Can you help us spread the word?
Australian Labor Party
Tammi Sinnett
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If you missed the Australian Maritime College at the Perth Careers Expo recently, never fear, you can still get in touch to find out about the AMC's fantastic education and training offerings. For information on the study options available with #AMC, please visit [ Link ] #weareutas #utas #universityoftasmania #AMC #maritimestudies #maritime
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Thanks for the giggle Dad and Buried ????

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"My aim somehow shifted from an expression of anger, to a more vivid desire of disarming these figures, of picturing them outside of their positions of power".

Abdalla Al-Omari created this Vulnerability Series as a way of placing world leaders in situations experienced by people seeking asylum.
Monique M. Toth
Alicia van Gulik
Michele Edmondson
COCKROACH ALERT: Reports are coming in of a cockroach outbreak in Queensland. Thankfully our specialist roach hunters are on the case.

It can be hard to spot these insects. They’ve been known to go eight years in a row without turning up Queensland Maroons #QLDER #Origin
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services - QFES
Ryland Bell
Jenny Dowell
It’s important that our banks are unquestionably strong but it is also important that they are unquestionably accountable.

The Turnbull Government is making sure the Big Banks and their executives are held accountable to ensure an unquestionably fair and competitive banking system.
Marc Fowler
Wayne Swan
Wayne Swan
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Nationals using NAIF as a billion dollar slushfund
Kylie Trudgett
Wayne Gordon
Ann Cleveland-Dunn
Alzheimer's Australia
Alzheimer's Australia
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A Global Action Plan on Dementia was unanimously adopted at the World Health Organization (WHO) Seventieth World Health Assembly overnight.

The global community has stepped-up their commitment to elevating the priority of dementia. A fully-funded National Dementia Strategy for Australia would go a long way toward meeting our international obligations toward improving dementia outcomes and...
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