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Jean-Claude Van Damme
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Hi friends, I support Télévie!
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Papp Emese
Hello to the world! How are you doing today?
Please take a look at my Offcial JCVD World YouTube Channel and don't forget to subscribe!
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Burim Izairi
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Moreen Nandram
Hi friends, here's an exclusive behind the scenes clip from "Black Water"!
Check [ Link ] and [ Link ] for more Black Water news!
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Tulin Maden
Jobis Linda
Heather Rogers
Help! Find out what's happening to me!
Go to [! Link ]
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Having fun with Al Sapienza on the set of 'Black Water'!
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Gunnthor Gudlaugsson
Roy Tappenden
Lorraine Ridout
Happy Birthday to my mama!
Dear mama, thank you for believing in me, listening to my dreams when I was a kid and watching them come true with papa. I love you, big kiss for you both!
#JCVD #HappyBirthday
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Hi friends! This is the amazing new clip of the Belgian GIRLS NEXT DOOR, called JCVD! You can find the clip with subtitles on
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Tacey Ann Fowler
Edgar Cortes
Hi friends! I’m working on my new martial arts classes, which will soon be available on my website [ Link ]. Here’s a little teaser to see what you can expect. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.
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Tony Hareras
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Byron Córdova
Hi friends, meet my friend Burmese!
#JCVD #NationalSerpentDay
Richard C Wagner
Simon Olsen
Есмер Ахмед Ахмед
Hi friends! We've arrived safely on the set of 'Black Water' and I'm looking forward to working with all the cast and crew!
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Sutki Ahmeti
Davia Fodrie
Anjo Imperfeito
The legendary George Michael may be gone, but his beautiful music lives on and continues to inspire us, make us happy and keep on dancing. We will never forget him.
#JCVD #GeorgeMichael #ThankYou
Michelle Esquivel
Olivia Jordan
Karen Lockley
Hi friends! Have you seen the new Ultra Tune commercial 'Unexpected Situation' yet? It was an absolute pleasure working with 'Rubber Girls' Parnia Porsche and Laura Lydall!
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Krzysztof Gałązka
Hi friends! Be careful today, it's Friday the 13th!
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Hi friends, happy weekend!
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Hi friends! Have you downloaded my amazing app VanDammemoji yet? New VanDammemoji have been added with the last update! Download now for iOS and Android at: ►
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Happy 2017 my friends!
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