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4invictus Evolve shirt
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Next stop - Bosnia and Herzegovina
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SOLDIER shirt by Dedicated Division
Stay tuned for launch!
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Teammate of the day is Nikolay Dimitrov!

Keep the pictures coming to have a chance to be featured here!

You can join #TeamLazar at
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Designed by me! Dedicated Division
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I'll be at FIBO in Cologne, Germany with my new brand Dedicated Division and @novonutrition
Meet me at Hall 10.2
Stand G50
Not bad
Big thanks to everyone that came to see me in Warsaw
Trying to speak Polish but I'm not very good at it.
It's going to be a busy day.
Check out the progress of one of our teammates - Teodor Minkov!

To join the team or get a personal workout routine/diet go to
Just landed in Warsaw, Poland.
First thing to do is put some pepper on my salmon. #PepperBae #GainzBae #ProteinBae