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On Thursday of #MarksCFLWeek, Coaches & GMs took centre stage.

9 insights from the football operations press conference
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You know the faces, but the colours are new.

A look at some familiar faces in their new gear.

Familiar faces, different places -
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Handing it off to the next generation.

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What was the adidas Football player lounge all about?

JJ from the BC Lions gives you a sneak peek...
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Three Generations of Excellence.

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The Athabasca University Achieving Excellence Panel featuring Warren Moon (Official), Anthony Calvillo and Mike Reilly
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#MarksCFLWeek Live Day 3!

A Hall of Fame Show with Anthony Calvillo & Kelvin Anderson!
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University of Calgary Dinos, Huskie Athletics, UBC Thunderbirds all represented...

Five selected to move on from Western Regional
BRAND NEW MUSIC from Zayn​ and PARTYNEXTDOOR​. Remo and Flipout will play it on the 5 o'clock traffic jam coming up soooon! Tell us what you think! Hate it? Love it? COMMENT BELOW!!!!

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Jake: They help us through the good days and the "ruff" ones too! It's #NationalPuppyDay! So here are some puppies to make you go "awwwww" with.

It's National Puppy Day, so here are your puppies
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Lindsey: This would also keep me entertained but I'd up the challenge and do it with a glass of wine in my hand....
“It’s so bizarre. Who steals solar panels?,” Young said.
“Seriously. Who does that?"

Thieves make off with $5,000 solar panels from community league hall
When the woman in front hit her brakes, the accused swerved to avoid a collision but lost control of her vehicle.

Police: Road rage led to violent crash in Kingston, Ont.
In a letter of termination cited in the documents, the nursing home says the alleged incident was part of a “pattern of behaviours that are placing residents at risk.”

Ex-nurse accused of killing 8 seniors was once fired over medication errors
According to a 2015 government report just six per cent of health care spending goes to addiction and mental health programs.

All Alberta cannabis sales tax revenue should be invested in mental health, addictions services, says advocacy group
In an afternoon conference call on Thursday, NFL senior VP of officiating Dean Blandino said the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks are jointly proposing this radical video-review amendment.

Bills, Seahawks propose radical rule to allow coaches to challenge anything, including non-calls
Out where people raise cattle, grow grain, cut timber and explore for oil, they worried (correctly) that their land had become subject to seizure if it was wanted for electricity transmission lines, pipelines, dams, oil upgraders or "regional development."

GUNTER: Province must respect property rights
“We didn’t win the Grey Cup last year but we did knock on the door in the East final and I don’t look at our season as not being successful. I think we did a lot of good things and have a lot of stuff to build on."

Jones: Eskimos hope history repeats itself