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True adventurers are driven by the challenges that lie ahead. #AllTerrainShoes
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Kick Game Cray!

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Kick Game Cray!

Hi Weight Watchers Canada, I’m Petra! Like many, I’ve struggled with weight most of my adult life. Wednesday, December 16, 2015 was a life-changing day for me. It was the turning point for me when my doctor told me I had pre-diabetes. He also told me that if I didn’t make serious changes to my lifestyle, it wouldn’t be a matter of IF, but WHEN I would get diabetes.

My husband was diagnosed...
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Oración de hoy lunes 27 de Febrero, Ora con nosotros..!
Musica para Orar ➡ [ Goo.gl Link ]
#oraciondeldia #oracion Por : Pastor Wilber Chavez
Canciones de ALABANZAS ➡ [ Goo.gl Link ]
Canciones de MARCELA GANDARA ➡ [ Goo.gl Link ]
:( es triste pero suele pasar en muchos lugares..!!
Canciones de CHRISTINE DCLARIO ➡ [ Goo.gl Link ]
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Monday morning with Amber and her cat, Mouzer.
Here are some photos from last night's SOLD OUT Blue Rodeo show here at Casino New Brunswick! What an amazing performance!
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J'aurai le plaisir de participer à la course organisée à Paris! Cliquez sur le lien pour en savoir plus
Neuroscientist Adam Safron of Northwestern University explains how sex is much more than pleasurable sensations and emotional connection...

Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good? Neuroscientist Explains That We Reach An ‘Altered State of Consciousness’

Have you ever wanted to actually learn Buddhism? Well, now you can -for free!

Harvard Now Providing An Online Course On Buddhism That You Can Take For Free

You've felt it all along, something wasn't quite right about the mainstream music industry. More is coming to surface, it's less about talent, and more about how they can make money off YOU. This may seem obvious to some ;)

Russia Today Reveals Just How Corrupt The ‪Music‬ Industry Actually Is