Philips PMC 100 80's FM synth. Built in cassette, what’s not to love?
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How did one of our favourite patterns get to be so popular? We dug around to find out the history of the polka dot!

The History of The Polka Dot
Giant Tiger
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Be kind to our home.
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Have you ever seen a happy Chihuahua in slow motion? Here's your chance. :P (IG: run_mar_run)
This is wayyy to cute! Watch how gentle this tiny puppy's big brother is!

This Tiny Puppy Has A Huge New Friend
Here are 10 things you should know about these wiggly, furry and intelligent animals.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Ferrets | EntirelyPets Blog
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The same hospital. The same doctor. 18 hours apart. The families say it was a complete coincidence, as they only met after they learned of one another at the hospital. How cool!

Mom & Dad FLOORED 18 Hrs After Son's Birth, When Hospital Tells Them Girl Was Born With THIS Name
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Her parents are heartbroken after their daughter was killed from something that children all over the country received for christmas. If you know someone who has this make sure you warn them!

Their 2-Year-Old Daughter Got A New Toy For Christmas. A Week Later She Was Pronounced Dead
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No gym? No problem! Try these simple at-home exercises tonight and finally get rid of your stubborn back fat.

6 of the world’s easiest exercises to get rid of stubborn back fat and underarm flab
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This mom confided in her "coworker," telling him that she was having difficulty providing the best life for her children while working at Coffee Bean. Little did she know, this "coworker" was actually the CEO of the company...

Struggling mom breaks down in front of her coworker, has no idea that's the CEO in disguise
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essence makeup
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No makeup makeup is all the rage. Comment below if the nude look is your OG look.
Product names below:
Pure Nude Highlighter
Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette
Pure Nude Concealer
2in1 Eyeshadow & Primer
Longlasting Lipstick 07. natural beauty
Matt Matt Matt Lipstick 01. natural kiss
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Quelle est votre découverte vin du week-end? #SuggestionVin #Cellier
Make this easy and elegant main with just 4 ingredients.

Garlic-and-Thyme Rack of Lamb Recipe
"I read a lot of fiction. Our imagination is so much more interesting than what we can see on TV. My kids are grown up and gone, so I have a lot of time to myself to read. Reading is a wonderful way to pass time." -- Caroline at Indigo Toronto Bay & Bloor (Photo: Yasin Osman) #ExperienceIndigo #AlwaysBeReading
"We have all been broken in one way or another." -- The Break #CanadaReads #HeathersPicks

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Charmed Aroma
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