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Jean Mercier - Poet (@apoemaday) posted a photo on Twitter
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Jean Mercier - Poet (@apoemaday) posted a photo on Twitter
Brian Tracy
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Ok, debate time. Do we think the girl got a fair shot and blew it, are people over reacting, or was the manager a jerk cause she's young and cute?

People Are Furious After Teen Receives Insulting Text As Soon As She Leaves Job Interview
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Everyone's favorite new wave road show is back for 2017. Retro Futura has just announced its dates for 2017 and the acts playing this year's tour.

Here are the dates for 2017's Retro Futura Tour with Howard Jones, English Beat and more
Desert Dwellers
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Just posted on the DD Patreon: 3 sets from Luminate Festival in New Zealand (Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom 2hrs, AMANI uptempo), and a teaser track from the new Liquid Bloom album Re.Generations set to be released on 4/22. Patreon is a great way to get exclusive content from us and be the first to hear new things before anyone else!

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Desert Dwellers are creating music beyond borders | Patreon
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What "Would You Rather!"???
Fun game with Ok Magazine.

Hollywood's Biggest TV Stars Play 'Would You Rather!'
Sabrina Goodman
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Sabrina Goodman
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Holly Wolf
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On March 15, 2015, 18-year-old Shauntelle Tynan was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. On February 12, 2017, she turned to her YouTube page to update viewers on her current health situation. Shauntelle pleaded with the public to support her health care costs and explained that she has to move fro...

Girl with cancer has one last-chance at survival. Community raises €674,000 to fund treatment
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When everyone else is in a lovey relationship, we all look like this girl does.

This Girl Documents Her Life as a Third Wheel With These Hilarious Selfies
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k.d. lang
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Listen to k.d. speak with Tom Power on CBC's q about Ingénue

k.d. lang looks back on her defining album Ingénue