Bryan Adams
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This is Hugo, he lives in Galicia, in a village called Castro Riberas de Lea in Spain. They have a traditional Carnival, where you disguise yourself. This year Hugo chose to be me because he loved the album Get Up, With the help of his mum and dad they made a replica of my guitar. Bravo Hugo! #bryanadamsgetup
Tommy Chong
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Tommy Chong
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WIN A CHEECH & CHONG™ GLASS WATER PIPE SIGNED BY TOMMY CHONG AND CHEECH MARIN! Hey man, here are the contest rules: 1.) Go to your local head shop and take a picture with a Cheech & Chong™ Glass cardboard cutout display 2.) Post your picture on your Instagram and/or Facebook page 3.) Tag @cheechandchongglass, #ccandme, and THE STORE NAME

That's it! Good luck, man! One lucky Winner will be...
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Sunny Leone
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We all were focusing so much to kill all the bugs on the wall. Ha ha ha!! Daniel Weber
Marc Emery
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.... which moves in a slow gentle way when you come near (and hopefully put money in the gold pot). #barcelona #larambla
Marc Emery
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Me beside a cool statue on La Rambla. #barcelona
Marc Emery
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@hashmuseum Manager Ana Rodriguez stands beside a recently added Cannabis music display. Be sure to visit the greatest shrine to cannabis culture and history -The Sensi Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum at Ample 35- three short blocks from La Rambla in Barcelona.
Je suis heureuse de vous présenter et d'accueillir
dans mon équipe les très talentueux Annie et Frank ! La Voix
Andrew Salgado
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TEN years in 12 paintings. It closes today. Until 545 at Trafalgar Square.
Humble The Poet
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David Foster
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Oscars CAA party-guess who?@michaelkives
Alessia Cara
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thank u Spotify

u can listen to "stay" ft Zedd on the new music friday playlist
Victor Cui
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"What I have gone through, all the struggles, the suffering, and the pain, is what I am proud of. Winning a fight and Becoming the champion is just a bonus, the outer layer."
Maryse Ouellet
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Bonne Nuit
Nikki Benz
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Obligatory car selfie
Nicole Arbour
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Hey Toronto!! So excited to announce we'll be playing CBC Music Festival, Saturday May 27th at Echo Beach. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am!
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#CBCMusicFest CBC Music