Coup de pouce
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Tendances vêtements, coiffure, maquillage; retrouvez les essentiels mode printemps-été 2017 dans ce dossier! [ Link ]
105.7 rythme FM
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L'acteur américain est aussi aubergiste à ses heures... [ Link ]

[PHOTOS] Le Bed and Breakfast de Richard Gere
CBC Sports
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The #MarchMadness Final Four are set. Who will win it all?

CBC Sports
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OTD in 1997, the classic rivalry between Colorado and Detroit reached its boiling point.

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CBC Sports
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Quand même la police se moque des échecs de ton équipe... Via Balle Courbe.

Un service de police se paie la tête de l'Université Kansas - Balle Courbe
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L'Armada aura l’occasion de compléter le balayage de la série mercredi.

Les Voltigeurs déjà au bord du précipice
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Un dénouement incroyable qui envoie North Carolina dans le Final Four!

VIDÉO - North Carolina a le dernier mot
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Remplacé en fin de match contre la Grèce, Laurent Ciman ne jouera pas le prochain match de la Belgique.

Laurent Ciman se blesse avec la Belgique
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Un exploit signé Hideto Tanihara au Championnat du monde par trou.

VIDÉO - Rien de moins qu'un trou d'un coup!
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Kyle Larson l'emporte chez lui, en Californie.

Kyle Larson conclut avec brio un week-end de rêve
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La rivalité entre Magic Johnson et Larry Bird a commencé avant leur arrivée dans la NBA. Via Balle Courbe.

ÉPHÉMÉRIDE : Magic Johnson et Larry Bird s’affrontent en finale du March Madness - Balle Courbe
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Pour la première fois en huit matchs, les IceCaps n'ont pas récolté de point.

La séquence des IceCaps s'arrête à sept
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Avec deux buts et une aide, Andrei Markov a été le meilleur joueur du Canadien face aux Sénateurs.

Andrei Markov a enfilé sa cape de héros
The Toronto Star
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With three games left in Florida before heading back to Canada, the Blue Jays still have several roster decisions to make — what to do with Steve Pearce, Ryan Goins and the long-relief spot. But, the squad may be leaning one way with Pearce.

Jays’ clock ticking on final roster calls
The Toronto Star
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According to a CBC report, the legislation will secure supply, license producers and set the national age limit to purchase the drug at 18 — though provinces will be able to set it higher and control the price and how marijuana is bought and sold.

Trudeau government to legalize marijuana by Canada Day 2018: reports
The Toronto Star
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The Leafs have lost their fair share of late-game leads lately. But, they have also built their fair share of leads — and dominating victories. Dave Feschuk argues that this team has greatly improved since the beginning of the season, and that growth could help them navigate the competitive Stanley Cup playoffs.

Fears for Andersen cloud rosy Leafs forecast: Feschuk
The Toronto Star
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Editorial: Canada's overreliance on bottled water is a waste of money and a detriment to the environment. It’s time we resolved to end it.

It’s time we weaned ourselves off bottled water: Editorial | Toronto Star
The Toronto Star
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When Trump voter George Conrad learned of Trump’s health plan, he began to re-evaluate the president. “We’ll have to wait and see. I think Trump blew a lot of smoke before he was elected to get elected,” Conrad, 57, said at a clinic in Zanesville, Ohio, earlier in the week. If Trump were to cut Medicaid, he said, “I wouldn’t vote for him again. It has an astounding effect on my livelihood and...
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Health-care fail not Trump's fault, supporters say
The Toronto Star
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U.S. President Trump may be facing risk of impeachment, but our columnist argues that he has majority support from Republican voters and the GOP has control of the House and Senate. Doing so, he argues, would be detrimental to the Democrats’ long-term interests.

Impeaching Trump could hurt Democrats: Watt