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Did you know, pointing a laser beam at an aircraft is a federal offence in Canada? [ Link ]

Halifax company teams up with Airbus to protect pilots against lasers
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Kristaps Porzingis is learning about life in the NBA the hard way.

Kristaps Porzingis suggests things aren't going as planned in since-deleted tweet
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Draymond Green may have reached peak Draymond last night.

VIDEO: Draymond Green gets heated at Steve Kerr, official
How much sugar do you eat on a daly basis?

How sugar can destroy your brain.
I came across these photos at and thought it would be worthwhile to share. It’s always great to look at pictures that give us some food for thought. In the past couple of months we’ve published a few thought provoking articles that are of the same style (with thought provoking…

11 Pictures That Compare Life Today With How It Used To Be
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"We had some moms sharing their experiences of feeling alienated and experiencing systems that weren't accommodating to them."

CBC Saskatchewan

FASD symposium tackles Truth and Reconciliation recommendations
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"We would use the spiritual side to help him rectify his life."

CBC Saskatchewan

Defence urges non-jail sentence for man who killed Victor McNab, 84
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Listen to the braaaand new Calvin Harris song, "Slide", with Frank Ocean, & Migos!

- Mary / @marymegahy

Calvin Harris Releases 'Slide' Featuring Frank Ocean & Migos!
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Looks like you won't be seeing Beyoncé at Coachella this year. - Katie Murray

Download the iHeartRadio app HERE: [ Link ]

Beyonce Backs Out of Coachella, Postpones to 2018: Details
At least one raid on a suspected lab has been carried out.

Police conduct drug raids in Montreal Friday
Fun fact: Villeneuve has dreamed of doing science fiction since childhood

Five Canadian facts to help prime you for the 2017 Oscars
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A Spruce Grove woman, went to ROGERS PLACE for one of Garth Brooks' concerts, said her parking experience and the tab she paid is the definition of gouging.

CTV's Dan Grummett explains.

Caution over private parking lots near arena
CBC Vancouver
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That's up 1.2% but belies wide differences between types of workers.

Average Canadian worker earned $961 a week at the end of last year