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Ville de Montréal
12/09/2016 at 10:00. Facebook
To make travel safer, spreading abrasives are underway all across Montréal. Use extra caution.

» [ Montreal.qc.ca Link ]

Ville de Montréal
yesterday at 21:00. Facebook
Enjoying the holiday season means taking preventive measures. As you decorate your home, make sure your Christmas tree is away from heat sources and that the stump of the tree is always moist.

And, to make sure you aren't awakened by an emergency, turn off all holiday lights before going to bed!

More prevention tips » [ Lickst.at Link ]
With the annual Winter Festival of Lights happening, don't miss all their fireworks shows that light up the sky on Friday nights at 9:00 pm until the end of the festival! See the dates here:
[ Cliftonhill.com Link ]
Photos courtesy of the Winter Festival of Lights.
#WFOL #FallsFireworks
Chris Empey
[❄] En raison des précipitations reçues au cours des dernières heures, les rues et les trottoirs peuvent être glissants. Nos équipes sont sur le terrain depuis tôt le matin afin d’assurer des opérations d’épandage.

Soyez vigilants lors de vos déplacements.

[❄] Automobilistes : en raison des prévisions météo pour les prochains jours, soyez prudents sur la route et ne tardez pas à faire installer vos pneus d'hiver.

You can treat your kids to a fun time at our #familyfuncentre and remind them how fortunate they are! #World #ChildrensDay #RaiseAwareness #BeTheirHeros
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Today at 2 p.m., you’ll hear alert sirens at nine factories. Don’t be alarmed. It’s just an annual drill to make sure that equipment is working and that emergency responders are prepared.

Do you know what to do in case of a toxic gas leak?
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Lorsque vous ouvrez le robinet, vous avez accès à la meilleure eau potable du Québec!

Dans le cadre du Symposium sur la gestion de l’eau, qui réunissait plus de 500 experts du domaine de l’eau les 9 et 10 novembre à Laval, la Ville de Montréal a reçu le prix de la « Meilleure eau municipale du Québec ». Au total, quinze municipalités ont été récompensées dans le cadre du Programme...
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November 17, 2 to 2:30 p.m.: Nine (9) sirens will sound across the Montréal agglomeration. Don't be alarmed, it's just the yearly drill!

Do you know what to do in case of a toxic gas leak from a factory? Stay inside!

Map of factories participating in the drill » [ Lickst.at Link ]
Directions in case of emergency (video) » [ Youtu.be Link ]
Time change Sunday folks! That means you've got an extra hour to enjoy the Niagara SkyWheel
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Bonne nouvelle, dans la nuit du 5 au 6 novembre nous gagnerons une heure. Profitez du fait que vous serez bien reposés pour vérifier votre avertisseur de fumée!

En savoir plus » [ Lickst.at Link ]
10/01/2016. Facebook
Wow! Matt Holliday hits a homerun in what could be his last at-bat with the Cardinals ⚾
Human Powered Ferris Wheel!

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À la piscine! Consultez la liste des installations aquatiques extérieures, par arrondissement : ville.montreal.qc.ca/piscines
We see your 13 square km of Instagram-worthy architecture and raise you +1,800 square km of 8th Wonder-worthy whitewater rapids, award-winning wineries, and the most relaxing world-class spas anywhere.

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Hey Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an – think you can defend the 8th Wonder title? We just happen have a Fort here, where one of the most important battles in Canadian history happened. Looks like we won this battle, too. #FortGeorge

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The Giant's Causeway If you’re going to be considered the 8th Wonder of the World, you may want to offer more to do than rock-watching. For example, we have enough activities to pack a weekend in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario. Really wicked rocks, though. Share why Niagara Canada should #Claimthe8th

The Giant's Causeway
Don’t get us wrong, Niagara Canada loves a canal. We have a great one too. But a canal alone won’t make you the 8th Wonder of the World, Panama Canal. #Claimthe8th