Calling All Volunteers! We have several positions to fill for CN Cycle for CHEO coming up on Sunday, May 7th. Not only will you feel part of something awesome - we'll feed you, dress you in a special edition T-shirt AND give you a shot at winning a cool Apple watch! Details: [ Link ]
Niagara Parks
03/24/2017 at 17:35. Facebook
In support of World Wildlife Fund's global Earth Hour initiative, nightly illumination of Niagara Falls will be turned off from 8:30pm to 9:30pm tomorrow to help raise awareness and support for action on the issue of climate change!
Ville de Montréal
03/22/2017 at 11:31. Facebook
Due to the snow that has fallen over the past few hours, the city is spreading abrasives. Pedestrians and drivers : use extra caution when travelling.

Ville de Montréal
03/20/2017 at 11:10. Facebook
Snow loading is currently 93% complete. Parking restrictions remain in effect as indicated by signage.

To ensure that operations run smoothly, check all parking schedules and move your vehicle as needed.
Snow loadingoperations are currently 33% complete. Please note that in compliance with Bill 430 (concerning hours of driving and rest), there will be a 24-hour break from snow loading this weekend so that snow removal staff can rest.

Secondary streets will be cleared over the next few days. Use extra caution and keep your distance from snow removal vehicles.
Snow removal operations are currently 30% complete. To ensure operations run smoothly, please move your car according to parking schedules and don't place bins or trash bags on the curbside.

You can view progress of snow loading operations and planned on the Info-Neige MTL app and the map on the city's snow removal website.

Snow removal map
» [ Link ]

Progress of snow removal...
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Snow loading will begin tonight all across Montréal. To facilitate snow removal operations, play close attention to parking schedules so that you move yoour car at the right time.

Des opérations d'épandage et de déblaiement sont en cours sur le territoire. Tous nos effectifs sont sur le terrain afin de dégager et sécuriser les voies.

La circulation peut être difficile. Limitez vos déplacements.

⚠ Attention : le chargement de la neige commencera à 19 h. Surveillez la signalisation et déplacez votre véhicule.
[ ❄ Winter Storm Warning ]

A winter storm is expected today. Drivers and pedestrians: Visibility may be reduced due to participation.

Clearing and abrasive-spreading operations will begin today according to snow accumulation and specific areas.

Dernière semaine pour postuler : la Ville cherche des sauveteurs pour ses piscines cet été! Quelques places disponibles à l' Arrondissement de Ville-Marie, centre-ville et Arrondissement du Sud-Ouest.

Date limite : dimanche 19 mars

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Les enfants étaient en relâche cette semaine, c'est ton tour de prendre une petite pause. Amène les manger, c'est gratuit pour eux.
Bonne nouvelle : dans la nuit du samedi 11 au dimanche 12 mars, nous passerons à l'heure d'été! ☀

Profitez de cette occasion pour vérifier votre avertisseur de fumée »
Beautiful Red, Blue, White & Purple Falls.
Cat owners: Be sure you have a valid permit for your cat and that he or she is wearing a city tag at all times. Cat guardians must have valid permits even if their cat doesn't usually go outside. Anyone who does not comply with the by-law is committing and offence and is liable to a fine.

For details on obtaining or renewing your permit »
Le chargement de la neige est à 87 % sur l'ensemble du territoire et la plupart des arrondissements ont déjà complété leurs opérations. L'interdiction de stationnement reste en vigueur, surveillez la signalisation.

Arrondissement du Sud-Ouest : chargement de neige 24/24 dans tous les quartiers. Mise à jour détaillée et espaces de stationnement disponibles ici »

"Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them" is now showing in IMAX at TWOSE.

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☁ Look, summer is not that far away. Now’s the time to apply! The city is searching for lifeguards to work at pools in several boroughs.

Apply online » [ Link ] (in French)
Dog owners: Make sure you hold a valid permit for your animal and that your dog wears his or her tag at all times. Your dog must always be kept on a maximum 1.85 m leash when on public property. Dog owners who fail to comply with the by-law will be subject to a fine. Note that special provisions apply to Pit bull-type dogs.

For details on obtaining or renewing your permit »...
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Discovery all the beasts on Alberta's largest screen...
"Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them" now showing in IMAX at TWOSE for a limited time.
"Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them" is now showing in IMAX at TWOSE.

Showing for a limited time...