Opéra de Montréal
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Nous sommes très fiers d'annoncer que nous sommes complet pour toutes les représentations de Another Brick In The Wall - L'opéra!
Merci à nos 30 000 spectateurs qui font de ce spectacle un immense succès populaire!

We are very proud to announce that all performances of Another Brick In The Wall – The Opera are sold out!
Thank you to the 30,000 spectators who have made this show a huge...
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Ville de Montréal
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C'est ce jeudi 23 mars à 13 h 30 que débute l’audition des mémoires sur le projet de Politique de développement culturel 2017-2022. Parmi les intervenants, mentionnons Liza Frulla de Culture Montréal et Dinu Bumbaru d'Héritage Montréal.

Consultez le calendrier » [ Lickst.at Link ]
Consultez le projet de Politique » [ Lickst.at Link ]

Avec plus de 92 organismes et citoyens participants,...
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Mmmm...How's that snow tasting??

Have a Wipeout you want featured on Wipeout Wednesday? Send us a message.
Hudson's Bay
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Check out The Bomber - one of our favourite pieces from #HBOurCloset. [ Spr.ly Link ]
Ville de Montréal
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Souhaitez-vous vivre de près toute l'action du 375e?

Le 375e de Montréal / 2017 est à la recherche de bénévoles qui pourront vivre les festivités de l’intérieur et participer à tous les événement de l’été. Les bénévoles sont essentiels aux succès de nos événements, donc inscrivez-vous ou partager dans votre entourage afin de les inviter à faire partie de la fête!

???? Devenir bénévole » [...
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Ville de Montréal
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Aujourd'hui, le 22 mars, Montréal souligne la Journée mondiale de l'eau! Adoptée par l’Organisation des Nations Unies en 1993, cette journée vise sensibiliser sur les économies d'eau et l'amélioration des conditions d'accès à l'eau potable, reconnu comme un droit fondamental par l'ONU depuis 2012.

Cette année, la thématique porte sur les actions menées pour améliorer la qualité de nos cours...
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Edmonton Skydive
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Brrr it's cold! Come inside the Fun Factory and use this time to do some shopping! We have tons of novelty souvenir items to sift through and a selection of kid's collectibles like Shopkins and the Grossery Gang. Check us out! :)
#CliftonHill #FunByTheFalls #NiagaraFalls
Ontario's Southwest
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Discover one of Canada's Best Kept Secrets - Pelee Island. If you've yet to visit the Island, make it a must for this summer. Take in the scenic landscapes, natural reserves teaming with life, Pelee Island Winery vineyards, and so much more! [ Ow.ly Link ]
Who We Are Wednesday:

In honour of CFL Week, let’s look at the members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders who perished on Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 810 on December 9, 1956. This flight, which was carrying five players from the East-West All-Star game in Vancouver, British Columbia back to their home cities, crashed into Mount Slesse near Chilliwack, British Columbia, killing all 62 people...
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Engraved On A Nation: The Crash of Flight 810 Trailer

Before the birth of the modern day Grey Cup in 1958 there was an annual East vs. West All-Star game. In 1956, Vancouver's Empire Field hosted the annual game...

The long-horned beetle might look small, but it is actually quite powerful. Female adults will chew through the bark of a tree to insert a single egg that hatches within 1-2 weeks. The larvae feed just under the bark and eventually tunnel deep into the wood to continue to feed.

Our beetle larvae is pitted against a larger and much heavier human-made chainsaw. Originally invented for surgical...
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Wow! A for Adventure has managed to capture all the fun and breathtaking views Mont Farlagne has to offer. Check out their awesome video! #ExploreNB
Incroyable hiver! A for Adventure nous fait vivre une vraie partie de plaisir au Centre plein air Mont Farlagne. La vidéo est en anglais, mais les images parlent d'elles-mêmes! #ExploreNB

Tourisme Edmundston & Région Edmundston
The Toronto Zoo
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Experience close encounters with some of Ontario’s native snakes at our Massasauga Rattlesnake Workshop on April 23.

Led by our Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians, this workshop teaches guests how to identify and live safely with the Massasauga rattlesnake and other snakes you may find in your own backyard. Your ticket includes a 75 minute interactive presentation including the opportunity...
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Toronto Zoo Massasauga Rattlesnake Workshops

Toronto Zoo is pleased to hosts Rattlesnake workshops for the people who share habitat with rattlesnakes near their homes and cottages and where they work an...

"My day was probably better then yours."

(: jeanasstudio)
Eight brand new schools, nine replacements of old ones and seven modernizations will address enrolment growth and revitalize older schools while creating thousands of jobs for Albertans. Planning funds have also been earmarked for two additional schools, with construction dollars expected at a later date. Budget 2017 allocates $500 million for these projects, the first of which will be ready...
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Ville de Montréal
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[Exposition gratuite à l'hôtel de ville] Du 21 mars au 1er avril, l'hôtel de ville présente l'exposition « 12 poèmes pour Montréal » avec les textes gagnants d’élèves de 4e et 5e secondaire, inspirés des festivités entourant le 375e de Montréal / 2017.

Cette exposition ouvre ses portes dans le cadre de la Journée mondiale de la poésie.

En savoir plus » [ Lickst.at Link ]
Get up close & personal at #QP16 in this 360° video created by MetaVRse! Exclusive access to the 158th Queen's Plate 2 Day Festival is now available via our new VIP Packages: [ Weg.bz Link ]
Not all paper is created equal. Some things should not go down the toilet. We tested to see what happens to flushable wipes, paper towel, toilet paper and tissue when they are left in water. Watch to learn what paper products break down in water.

Think Before You Flush!

How do different paper products break down in water? We tested paper towel, wipes, toilet paper and tissue to see what happens. Remember to think before you ...