#RealChange, Liberal-style.
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Discover how exchange can help you learn more about yourself, the culture, language, and traditions.

Take the first step by applying, [ Aiesec.ca Link ]

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#TBT to 2015 when PM Stephen Harper predicted these out of control Liberal deficits... and Liberals laughed.
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We can't fight climate change without healthy forests. #IntForestDay
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The art of special effects and hand-colouring in early silent films.

Free screening and talk by Giovanna Fossati, Chief Curator at EYE Filmmuseum tonight at 7pm: bit.ly/2mIUBwz
Looking for an Easter gift? Don't pull your hare out. Symbolically adopt this spunky species today: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Notice: York's goose management program will run this March 15 - May 1. You may hear loud sounds by Stong Pond in an effort to discourage goose settlements. This method is commonly used for managing the goose population, and its application at York University has been approved by Environment Canada. No birds will be harmed by this strategy. More info at: [ Yorku.ca Link ].
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"I think I'll miss you most of all."

Plans this weekend? Now’s your chance to complete this week’s #ParksChallenge! It’s so easy to join in, and we’re sharing your best photos and videos. Lace up, get moving and have fun! [ Giphy.com Link ]
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In Heaven, everything is fine...

Spend your Saturday with David Lynch's majestically creepy ERASERHEAD on 35mm.
Protecting water and our climate means we can't afford tar sands development. Turns out neither can Shell or Kinder Morgan.

Today, Royal Dutch Shell sold off nearly all of its tar sands operations and Kinder Morgan announced its Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is going to cost $6 million more than expected.

SHARE and JOIN the resistance to stop tar sands pipelines >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
A teacher, by definition - imparts knowledge onto others. As seen from the definition, we can all say that we are teachers in some way.

Check out [ Aiesec.ca Link ] to learn how you can inspire others through a teaching exchange too!

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Obligeons le gouvernement Ă  respecter sa parole.

Partagez cette image si, comme nous, vous trouvez que l’entretien de nos Ă©coles est important.
This is what a Valentine would look like if it was sent by medical imaging expert and Engineering prof Mike Noseworthy.

Happy Valentine's Day, McMaster. ❀
Why you should volunteer abroad
Reason #2: To become more aware!

By volunteering in another country, you become more culturally aware of the people around you - no matter how different their beliefs might be!

Do it this summer, it's now or never:
[ Aiesec.ca Link ]

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"An AIESECer is a...World Citizen"

By going on an international exchange, you become more culturally aware of how things are done differently in other countries, as well as being more open-minded to other people's thoughts and views on things.

Visit [ Aiesec.ca Link ] and embark on your own exchange!

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In our first weekly video playlist, Janelle MonĂĄe, Kardinal Offishall, Laverne Cox, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, and more celebrate diversity, and reflect on race and representation in film.

Watch here: bit.ly/2kPam8E
Sustainable Development Goal #10 - Reduced Inequalities, aims to ensure equal opportunity and reduce inequalities of outcome, including by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices. What do you think your role is in promoting reduced inequalities?

Visit [ Aiesec.ca Link ] to learn how you can work towards achieving the sustainable development goals....
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Released on this day in 1964: Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove, a satire about crazed world leaders and Soviet plots. (Things that only happen in film.)