Par Steven Fouchard, Affaires publiques de l'Armée

Calgary, Alberta — Le capitaine Michelle Whitty est ingénieure de combat, possède un doctorat en médecine et termine une résidence en médecine familiale à l’Université de Calgary. Ça semble beaucoup pour une seule personne, plus particulièrement une mère de trois enfants comme le Capt Whitty, mais elle est en voie d’obtenir un autre titre...
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Forces armées canadiennes 04/24/2017
Mike Auclair
Alicia Gagné
Today, members of the Yazidi community around the world will gather with family and friends to celebrate the start of the New Year.

The start of the new year is a time of both reflection and anticipation. This celebration is an opportunity to appreciate the Yazidi community’s rich cultural traditions and share them with Canadians.

As Leader of the Official Opposition, I have been proud to...
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Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada 04/19/2017
Gordon Jackson
Lynn Nagy
Louise Anderson
By Steven Fouchard, Army Public Affairs

Ottawa, Ontario — His service with the French Army’s Marine Infantry (known as ‘des troupes de marine’ in French) brought Lieutenant Colonel Martial de Reviers to Africa and the French territory of New Caledonia, a large island chain in the South Pacific. Both are a long way, both geographically and environmentally, from his current posting in...
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Canadian Army 04/15/2017
James Dean
Syrie: Il faut éviter une escalade de violence.
Syrie: Il faut éviter une escalade de violence
Michel Giroux
Marc Philip
Gérard Auger
Un projet de pipeline de bière en direction de l'ouest canadien voit le jour grâce à la fondation Coule pas chez nous!
Un projet de pipeline de bière en direction de louest canadien voit
Francine Labelle
Line Blain
Diane Arel
Dear students, staff, families and friends of the Royal Military College of Canada,

The Officer Cadets at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) are a distinguished group of young Canadians who have dedicated themselves to the service of our country. I am proud of their commitment, and as the Chief of the Defence Staff, I want to ensure we continue to educate, develop and prepare...
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Royal Canadian Air Force 03/29/2017
Canada Army Run (CAR) has announced the addition of a new event to its 2017 lineup to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. #Vimy100 #StrongProudReady
Canada Army Run CAR has announced the addition of a new event
Today, Jewish Canadians and Jews from across the world celebrate with a spirit of revelry marking the most joyous day of the year on the Jewish calendar, Purim.

This celebration commemorates the salvation and deliverance of the Jewish people from Haman, and their historic victory as told in the Biblical Book of Esther

The story of Purim is a very joyous holiday that is deeply rooted in...
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Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada 03/12/2017
Stanley Okorofsky
Minah Marcoux
John Thompson
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By Lynn Capuano, Army Public Affairs

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Edmonton, Alberta — As he boarded a plane to report for basic training with the Canadian Army 13 years ago, Captain Christopher Stobbs remembers how he comforted his mother who cried as if he were going off to war. They had no...
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Canadian Armed Forces 02/28/2017
“Every once in a while, kids will come up and say they are thinking about joining the military and tell me, ‘I appreciate what you do.’ I am always pretty happy to see that.” #BlackHistoryMonth #StrongProudReady
Every once in a while kids will come up and say they
Udeh Chukwudi David David
Patti Evans
Corey Andhrímnir
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Par Lynn Capuano, Affaires publiques de l’Armée

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Edmonton (Alberta) — Avant de monter dans l’avion pour aller suivre son cours d’instruction élémentaire de l’Armée canadienne il y a 13 ans, le capitaine Christopher Stobbs se...
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Forces armées canadiennes 02/28/2017
З 2 по 14 березня 2017 року в чотирьох північноамериканських економічних центрах – Торонто (Канада), Нью-Йорк, Х'юстон і Сан-Франциско (США) – відбудеться VI серія конференцій «Invest & Trade in Ukraine». Організатори – A7 CONFERENCES та Міжнародна юридична фірма Dentons за підтримки Міністерства закордонних справ України.

Це вже VI Міжнародний інвестиційний і торговельний форум та роад-шоу...
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Embassy of Canada in Ukraine 02/23/2017
Par Lynn Capuano, affaires publiques de l'Armée

Borden (Ontario) — Le caporal-chef Ezrick Bernard a su dès le jeune âge de 11 ans qu’il voulait devenir soldat. Huit ans plus tard, lorsqu’il a immigré au Canada avec ses parents et un de ses 14 frères et sœurs en provenance de Trelawny (Jamaïque), en 1994, son rêve a commencé à prendre forme.

Pendant ses années de collège au Collège Humber...
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Forces armées canadiennes 02/21/2017
By Lynn Capuano, Army Public Affairs

Borden, Ontario — Master Corporal Ezrick Bernard knew from the tender age of 11 that he wanted to become a soldier. When he immigrated eight years later with his parents and one of his 14 siblings to Canada from Trelawny, Jamaica in 1994, his dream began to take shape.

During his college years at Humber College and George Brown College where he studied...
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Canadian Armed Forces 02/21/2017
Terence Graham
Ali Hassan Baloch
Conor Cameron
#BlackHistoryMonth #StrongProudReady
BlackHistoryMonth StrongProudReady
Cassandra Marie
Peter King
“This course gives you that extra bit of #math, #science, and critical #thinking background you need to better understand the #procurement process,” CWO Francis.
This course gives you that extra bit of math science and critical
#StrongProudReady #BlackHistoryMonth
StrongProudReady  BlackHistoryMonth
An interview with Erin-Bullas Appleton - Plant Health Survey Biologist, Ontario

What is your role at the CFIA?

As the Plant Health Survey Biologist for Ontario, I am responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing the area survey program. I am the national survey lead for several high visibility pest files which enables me to refine survey techniques to reflect emerging science. I am...
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Healthy Canadians 02/11/2017
In a journey marked by opportunity, motivation, and success, LCol Robert Alolega planned his way from Uganda into the Canadian Army Regular Force, and now the Reserves. LCol Alolega, Commanding Officer of 39 Service Battalion in British Columbia, works to keep fellow Canadians safe by making sure his Battalion in prepared to respond to natural disasters when the Regular Force needs support....
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In a journey marked by opportunity motivation and success LCol Robert Alolega
Andrew Jackson
Michael Patrick
Frances Smith