I'll see you on the dark side of the moon ✈ Photo by @tutiramones
For all the women who dream of conquering the world: we can do it!
Can you tell where the sky ends and the sea begins? Photo by @_vmoraess
Happy Valentine’s Day for those who have found their life partners
A place where we love to be ✈ Photo by @rafa_furius
February is a month filled with parties, drinks and beaches during the Latin American summer Click on the gif and tell us where you’re going to enjoy the hot weather.
Destination: February! Photo by spotter RAO Spotter
Easter Island is home to several monuments – in this photo, @ossamarce registered two of them
Look deep into this turbine and answer: do you recognize this Airbus model? Photo by spotter @jonathan_siqueira
On the way to Auckland, a spoiler: the sun! Photo by @joaodemcneto
We don’t land on the moon yet, but our A320 neo can take you pretty close photo by spotter @cgrspotter
Resolution for 2017: worry less, travel more! Where is your passport going this year?
Is it time for people who have been good this year to ask for a Christmas present yet? @oliveira__marcos
Wow, 2016 has flown by so fast. It’s December already! RAO Spotter
Status: In a relationship with the Andes
Spin the wheel! Where should you go for your next vacation?
There’s an Airbus A320 landing at the Buenos Aires airport... Nice pic, @elnoelegido!
LATAM two times :) Photo by @victor_lineros. Read more on[ Goo.gl Link ]
This is how our first trip to Johannesburg went. A trip full of surprises! Take a look through the pictures and be a part of this event. #DestinationsLATAM
Flight crew, please prepare for take off. We’re heading to a new destination #Johannesburg #DestinationsLATAM