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To play in the snow and drink (a lot of) wine.
LATAM Airlines
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Urban life + incredible wineries + skiing = come to the Chilean capital right now!

4 days in Chile: Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valle Nevado and wineries
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Shopping mall or airport? Take advantage to buy some souvenirs at the Miami Heat basketball team’s official store.

5 ways to have some fun at the Miami airport
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon ✈ Photo by @tutiramones
Between trips to outlets, beaches and works of art that are a feast to the eyes.
I'm in Miami Beach (and several other beaches as well)

6 beaches (in addition to South Beach) to visit in Miami
Mexico – Looking to the future.
For all the women who dream of conquering the world: we can do it!
If the first impression is what counts, then you can fall in love with these destinations at the terminals.

10 incredible airports around the world
Do you know that “crosswalk” at the beginning of the runway? It’s not for pedestrians! ⚠
Touch-sensitive screens and other fun facts about our 787-9

Everything you wanted to know about LATAM’s Dreamliner
Carnaval may be ephemeral, but Rio… Rio is eternal <3
Monday, schmonday! In São Paulo, the party is just getting started

Carnaval in São Paulo: what to do in between blocos
Brazil’s sweetest side (with lime and ice): caipirinha, mmmm! :)
Blocos + parties + parades = it’s Carnaval! <3

Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro: what to do in between blocos
Châteaux, cruises and gardens where you’ll feel like a king or queen.

Loire Valley, the France of the nobility
Do you know how to make an authentic margarita? We'll teach you.