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Look deep into this turbine and answer: do you recognize this Airbus model? Photo by spotter @jonathan_siqueira
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Did you know that Friends was shot in LA? You can visit the set of Central Perk.

5 movie tours to take in Los Angeles
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You are going to fall in love with Rio Grande do Norte. Really. Trust us.
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From Hollywood to Santa Monica and from Marilyn Monroe to Harry Potter: Los Angeles is awesome!

The ultimate guide to LA County
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It was selected as the best airport in South America in 2016.

Tips for you to enjoy your time at the Bogotá airport
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The coast in this state is synonymous with warm sands and ocean foam on your feet... Tag your favorite travel companion so you can dream together <3

The most wonderful images of Rio Grande do Norte that you’re going to see today
The @F123 system is an incredible initiative for the visually impaired.

Learn about the Brazilian man who helps blind people to use the internet
Bogotá free from stress and strain.
You won’t forget your socks or run out of storage on your phone because of photos anymore.

4 apps that can make life easier for travelers
Fashionista Bogotá: a stylist’s favorite places.

5 addresses to visit in Bogotá now
On the way to Auckland, a spoiler: the sun! Photo by @joaodemcneto
It looks like Germany, but it has a 100% Chilean soul.

Beyond the postcard: a tour of Puerto Varas
OK, but can you be in both hemispheres at the same time?

5 facts about the equator that you may not know
We don’t land on the moon yet, but our A320 neo can take you pretty close photo by spotter @cgrspotter
True or false: close to the equator, water swirls in opposite directions in each hemisphere.
The middle of the globe is pretty cool :)

Quito: journey to the center of the Earth
Resolution for 2017: worry less, travel more! Where is your passport going this year?
New Year’s Eve!!! (also known as warm-up for Carnaval)

5 Brazilian capitals to enjoy New Year’s Eve