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03/23/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
To play in the snow and drink (a lot of) wine.
Between trips to outlets, beaches and works of art that are a feast to the eyes.
Mexico – Looking to the future.
Do you know that “crosswalk” at the beginning of the runway? It’s not for pedestrians! ⚠
Carnaval may be ephemeral, but Rio… Rio is eternal <3
Brazil’s sweetest side (with lime and ice): caipirinha, mmmm! :)
Do you know how to make an authentic margarita? We'll teach you.
Mendoza, where the weather is always sunny.
La Sagrada Família is amazing, but have you ever heard of the Palau de la Música Catalana?
Which Latin American classics have you read?
A desert that has:
- lagoons
- geysers
- volcanoes
You are going to fall in love with Rio Grande do Norte. Really. Trust us.
Bogotá free from stress and strain.
True or false: close to the equator, water swirls in opposite directions in each hemisphere.
Touch, see and feel: three interactive works at Inhotim, a contemporary art museum in Brazil.
What happens when a stylist and a weaver from different cultures meet?
What are your travel essentials for beach trips?
Sandboarding, stand-up paddling, kitesurfing, zip-lines and the incredible scenery of Florianópolis, in southern Brazil.
Monuments, monuments, monuments! Washington is like this [ Link ]