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Lantern shows brighten festive moods across China

The following photos present some of the #lantern show in #China during #SpringFestival. [ Link ]
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The world in photos: Jan 16 - 22

Here, we present some of the most striking #images from major #stories around the #world in the past week. #photo [ Link ]
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Amsterdam transforms into a tulip ocean on National Tulip Day

The Dam #tulips are picked on National #Tulip Day in #Amsterdam, #Netherlands, on January 21, 2017. Growers plant a picking #garden with 200,000 different colored tulips in front of the royal palace in Amsterdam. [ Link ]
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Extension of Hangzhou-Changxing Highway opens

Photo taken on Jan 22, 2017 shows the north extension section of Hangzhou-Changxing #Highway, which located at the junction of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, opened to public on Sunday. #China [ Link ]
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Amazing rime scenery seen at Kurbin River in NE China

#GlamorChina Photo taken on Jan 21, 2017 shows the rime #scenery at the Kurbin #River in Xunke county of Heihe, Heilongjiang province, Northeast #China. [ Link ]
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Giant panda twin cubs meet public in Chongqing

Giant #panda twin cubs Dashuang and Xiaoshuang are seen at the Chongqing #zoo in Chongqing, Southwest #China, Jan 22, 2017. The twin cubs, born in July of 2016, met the public here on Sunday. #animal [ Link ]
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Handmade noodles to greet Spring Festival

There's a long #tradition of villagers making handmade #noodles to greet #SpringFestival in Qinjiaquan village, Duchang county, East China's Jiangxi province. The long noodles hanging outside the #homes form a spectacular rural landscape. [ Link ]
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Traditional Chinese costume shines around the globe

For tens of millions of overseas #Chinese scattered in every corner around the world, #SpringFestival is the best time of year to practice the many #traditions that are embedded in their cultural genes. #costume #culture [ Link ]
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Traditional Spring Festival customs

#CultureInsider Traditionally, #SpringFestival starts in the early days of the 12th month of the #lunar calendar and lasts until the middle of the 1st lunar month of the following year. Let's have a look at some traditional #customs. [ Link ]
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Girls practice Shaolin martial arts in Kabul, Afghanistan

There are 20 #Afghan girls learn Wushu in the Shaolin Wushu #club in Kabul. Most of them are students, aged from 13 to 20, and they have been practicing this martial sport for almost two years. [ Link ] #kungfu #martialarts
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E China's Tianshenggang Channel Bridge finishes closure

Closure of Tianshenggang #Channel #Bridge was finished on Saturday. The main span of the bridge is 336 meters. It is the world's largest long-span heavy-duty highway and railway #steel #arch bridge. [ Link ]
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Park ice rinks open to public in Beijing

Four natural #ice rinks located in Beijing's four parks of #SummerPalace, Beihai, Zizhuyuan and Taoranting opened to public on Saturday. #winter #fun #iceskating [ Link ]
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Estimated at half a million by the organizers, marchers from across the country rallied at the National Mall with signs such as "#Women rights are human rights”. Then they chanted slogans such as "We are the popular votes" along the Pennsylvania Ave. The march route ended in front of the White House. The purpose of the Women's March on Washington is reportedly to challenge #Trump's...
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Workers behind the busiest travel rush

With the Chinese Lunar #NewYear one week away, let's have a look at the hard #work of the #people who provide the best services for passengers. [ Link ]
Boyaa Texas Poker
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Boyaa Texas Poker
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Obama in cartoons: eight years

In a few hours, #US #president #Obama will leave office. He has been running his country for eight years. He has been featured a lot in our #cartoons during the eight years. We selected 30 of the cartoons as a tribute to him.
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How luggage has transformed through the years during Spring Festival

As the world's largest annual #human #migration, the travel rush during #SpringFestival, always gives us striking scenes of swarms of people sardine-packed at #train stations across the country. [ Link ]
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Icefall scenery at Guanmen mountain scenic spot in NE China

#GlamorChina Photos taken on Jan 19, 2017 show #icefall #scenery at Guanmen mountain scenic spot in Benxi, Northeast China's Liaoningp province. #winter [ Link ]