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Montreal — best city for foreign students

Want to know the best city to #study abroad? Montreal, Paris, and London are the best #cities for #international students in the world, according to #QS #ranking 2017. Among Chinese cities, Hong Kong and Shanghai rank high. [ Link ]
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Seems like many of you have the view of birds. Yes, the #answer is B! Did you manage to get it right?
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Yao Ming elected chief of Chinese Basketball Association

Chinese #basketball #icon #YaoMing has been elected chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association.Yao, a former #NBA All Star and backbone of the Chinese national team, said he will work hard to lead the reshuffled CBA. 姚明 Yao Ming [ Link ]
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Scenery of snow-covered terrace fields in North China

Take a look at these photos showing vast #Northern #lands clad in #white. "Mountains like silver serpents dancing, Highlands like waxy elephants advancing", the poet indeed gave us a faithful description! #winter #snow [ Link ]
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Visitors enjoy light show in Taipei

Check out these photos featuring a #light #show in Taipei by a Japanese group. The visitors are fascinated by the colorful exhibitions. Wanna get lost in such a #magical world of light and #shadows? #Taiwan [ Link ]
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Cherry blossoms attract bees and tourists in Hunan

Cherry #flowers #blossoms in Wangxianling Ecological #Park in Chenzhou city, Central China's Hunan province.These charming flowers lure both bees and #tourists. Could you feel the steps of #spring? [ Link ]
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10 facts about immigration to the United States [ Link ]
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'Foreign son-in-law' assists local village in tourism

A Frenchman, whose Chinese name is Ding Yimu, has worked as an assistant to the head of Hehong village in Ninghai county of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, for one year, and his main job is to promote tourism. [ Link ]
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#QuizOrJoke Let's see who has a soul of a bird this time. Can you pick out the correct #top #view within 10 seconds? Give it a try and the answer will be published here at the same time tomorrow. #blocks #3D
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Spring snow blankets Forbidden City

The #ForbiddenCity, newly dressed in #snow, appears more magnificent and glamorous. Wanna pay a visit and make little #snowmen on tree branches? #winter #scenery [ Link ]
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People enjoy snow scenery of ancient city Xi'an

Winter jasmine, Dayan Pagoda, moat and wall, etc. all turned white overnight. Enjoy this ancient city covered by #snow. #China #scenery [ Link ]
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Analysis of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) for renewable energy

The plan aims to accelerate the process of establishing a clean, #lowcarbon, safe and efficient modern #energy #system, and to promote the #sustainable and healthy development of the renewable energy industry. #renewable
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China's most beautiful village adds straw creations

Familiar with hay-man? Take a look at these amazing "#scarecrow". These pictures show #straw-made #sculptures and figures standing in a field in Wuyuan village among the blooming #flowers. #spring [ Link ]
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Animals are our best friends

#OneMoment The Yekaterinburg Zoo in Russia offers an #animal #therapy program to help #children with special needs. These lovely raccoons, parrots, hedgehogs, etc. help their little friends integrate into #society. (Donat Sorokin, photos from )
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Canada auto show: From steam buggy to hypercar

The largest #automotive #expo in #Canada runs until Feb 26 and features more than 1,000 cars, trucks, #SUVs, concept cars and classics. Let's take a look at these unique #cars. [ Link ]
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Camera fan showcases his treasures

Any #photography #enthusiasts? Here is one of your peers in Chengdu, Sichuan province who have collected over 300 #cameras in the past 10 years. Isn't his display of cameras impressive? #collection #treasure [ Link ]
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Bee keepers harvest sweetness as spring comes

Spring is coming! Flowers are blooming around the country. It's also a busy season for #bees. The pictures show Liu Tiebi, a bee keeper in Anhui province, releases the bees in a field of rape #flowers and harvest the #honey. #spring [ Link ]
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Spring returns to land as temperature rises

As #temperature rises in recent days, many lovely and beautiful scenes can be seen around #China. What does #spring look like in your #region? [ Link ]
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Corner Tower at its best as winter turns to spring

The northwest Corner Tower is one of the #landmarks of the #ForbiddenCity and #Beijing in general. Let’s take a look at how the changing seasons paint the Corner Tower in different #lights. #PalaceMuseum [ Link ]
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The world in photos: Feb 13-19

From natural #disasters and anti-Trump protests to #festivals and dog shows, here are some of the most striking #images captured around the #world last #week. [ Link ]