Please read this fantastic article by one of my teachers Shaykh Navaid Aziz because the Trump rhetoric and islamophobia we see sweeping the world today is the perfect recruiting material for groups like ISIS who insist the West hates Islam.

I also hope our governments start to invest in De-Radicalization programs for racist white men who have a very real and dangerous track record of...
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I work to prevent radicalization of young Muslims. Attacks on us make my job harder.
inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji'oon. A mosque in Quebec was just attacked and up to 5 people are reported dead. At this same masjid during the month of Ramadan, a pig's head was left on the doorsteps.

I wonder if #AllLivesMatter anymore? Or should we start banning white males from entering the country because white supremacist groups are usually behind these types of cowardice acts of...
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Multiple dead after shooting at Quebec City mosque, police say
Very sad to hear about the murder of two Somali sisters in Ottawa who were very active in the community. Their brother has been charged with both murders and it seems like he may have suffered from some type of mental health issue.

I think a real conversation around mental health especially within the East African community needs to occur because I am familiar with too many cases where...
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Brother charged in stabbing deaths of 'gentle souls' Nasiba and Asma A-Noor
Some of you may have heard of a sister in New York who went missing and afterwards claimed she was attacked on the subway and almost had her hijab ripped from her head. Unfortunately she has since recanted her story and has said that she made the whole thing up. She is now being charged for filling the fake report, and she may actually have to serve some jail time.

This kind of lie...
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Woman Made Up Tale of Anti-Muslim Attack by Trump-Shouting Men: Sources
Great post by investigative reporter @Azmat Khan

It took the rise of Donald Trump for many Americans to first learn about NSEERS (a post-9/11 registration program for non-immigrant males from mostly Muslim-majority countries.) But for years, many of us have been writing about this program and many others like it that disproportionately target Muslims.

Trump's rhetoric may surprise you,...
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Azmat Khan — Last night, a young man who’s quite respected in...
Support this amazing grassroots initiative called "I Am Rohingya" which is a powerful documentary following a group of young Rohingya refugees as they prepare for a theatrical reenactment of their families' treacherous escape from Burma.

Please support or share the campaign in order to help get this film seen by as many people all around the world as possible!

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I Am Rohingya: A Documentary | LaunchGood
The Ethiopian regime has now banned social media in the country, alongside protests, broadcast media and political gestures like crossing your hands over you head. It's only a matter of time before the world wakes up and Oromo people take back what is rightfully ours!

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Seven things banned under Ethiopia's state of emergency - BBC News
Hundreds of Oromo's killed during #Irrechamassacre at the hands of Ethiopian military!

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Ethiopia: 'Dozens' killed in Oromia festival stampede
What an amazing article written by a brother who has same sex attraction. Really an eye opener in regards to what some members of our community are experiencing and anyone who is fighting their nafs under such circumstances should be regarded as a Mujahid and be respected immensely.

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Amazing story about an Oromo marathon runner who protested the treatment of Oromo people during his Silver Medal race. He is now most likely not going to be able to return home and may have his medal stripped from him. For those of you who don't know, I am also Oromo and many from my community have been persecuted and oppressed for generations so this guys stance on the main stage is a Big...
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