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Thinking about Umrah this March? Check out Abadir Travel services. Seats are running out, register today inshaAllah.
Boonaa Mohammed
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Ummmm, no thanks ????
It's been a very emotionally draining week, dealing with the backlash from Muslims who feel that anti-black racism is not a topic worth discussing or that the events at #RIS2016 should have just been swept under the rug. I've had to block many people from my page who insisted on using offensive slurs against me because I've decided to speak up and approach this topic unapologetically.

To be...
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Following the recent controversies at #RIS2016 and the anti-black sentiments shared by Hamza Yusuf alongside the dismissal Black Muslims received from many of his followers, I decided to offer the muslim community some closure on this issue and thus I will be hosting a Facebook live event next Sunday featuring a panel of some fantastic speakers who will discuss the realities of race and...
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Meanwhile in Canada...
‪#TugOfWarMovie screening happening right now in Ottawa. So proud of all the organizations that came together to make this happen! ‬
Getting some great press coverage of our UK #TugOfWar tour on TRT World with Sh. Navaid Aziz and award winning journalist Martian Stanford
Date night with the First Lady and I take her out to eat the exact same food we can make at home, is that weird? Tibs and medium rare kitfo because I'm a carnivore like dat
Big shout out to the boys at Eternal Light Secondary School in Bradford Shareef! I did a screening of #TugOfWarMovie and a performance supported by PennyAppeal
Is there anyone in the UAE who can help a brother out? I'm looking for this special perfume called khaltat blends of love "ai" that they only sell in that region.

I ran out and they do not ship overseas. I believe they have shops at a few malls in the Middle East, if someone can pick one up and mail it to me I will pay you the full amount and be eternally grateful!
UK #TugOfWarMovie tour off to a great start with an in-depth interview on @TVOneUK with Barrister Rizwan Hussain
Watching the American #ElectionNight results and thinking damn, I may actually have to restart the Underground Railroad and bring all the coloured folks back to Canada
I should give one of these to my wife at least once a week! She sacrifices so many things just so that I can pursue my passions and never once complains about it.

She goes above and beyond what is reasonable to expect and thrives to provide Ihsan within our marriage. She is better than me in everything and I'm truly honoured to have her in my life!

Allah knows that if I died today I would...
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Proud to announce I'm finally able to bring Tug of War - Movie to the UK in collaboration with PennyAppeal for a cross country tour. The details of the 4 major stops are below but we will be visiting several schools and community groups around the country. Get your tickets today!
I'm so impressed by today's Tug of War - Movie screening in Helsinki, Finland hosted by Nuoret Muslimit ry (numu). We had a packed house in a professional movie theatre alongside a discussion featuring myself, academia, youth activists, law enforcement and government representatives to talk about Radicalization. It's this kind of response that keeps me motivated and makes me believe that...
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For my folks across the pond
European Tug of War - Movie tour with screenings in Malmö, Sweden tonight and Helsinki, Finland on Sunday. Saturday I'm in the Netherlands for a special poetry event, inshaAllah
Alhumduillah, blessed to host two #TugOfWarMovie screenings today at IFN masjid and ICN masjid in Chicago!
#TugofWarMovie screening happening right now at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana!
Honoured to host #TugOfWarMovie screening at Islamic Foundation school in Chicago. The students and staff kept telling me how this was the best and most beneficial event they have ever hosted. Hopefully I can take this film to more Islamic schools in the future inshaAllah!