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On set for a new film, this one is gonna be EPIC!
‪Great time stopping by new AlMaghrib Institute course with Shaykh @SaadTasleem called "Trends: Fiqh of Fashion and Clothing." ‬
Just arrived in St. John's Newfoundland for a #TugOfWarMovie screening tonight and the first thing I see when I walk into my hotel room is this! Sometimes you forget how beautiful Canada is
Tune in this Sunday at 2pm EST for the final instalment in our #BlackMuslimHistory series with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick where we will examine the modern day examples of Racism and understand how to rid our Ummah of this disgusting disease.
African Muslims were the first to bring Islam to the Americas but little is known of their struggle to keep their identities and faith alive. Tune in tomorrow at 2pm EST on this Facebook page for a livestream #BlackMuslimHistory session with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick on the resistance of Black Muslim Slaves in the Americas!
Did you know that roughly 1/3 of all Africans Stolen during the transatlantic slave trade were actually Muslim? Amongst them were Scholars, Royalty and many more who would fight back against their oppressors. Join myself and Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick this Sunday at 2pm for a discussion on the Black Muslim Political Prisoners who resisted during bondage.
Tomorrow at 2pm EST, join me live on Facebook for a discussion with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick on the history of some of the Black Companions of the Prophet SAW as we celebrate #BlackMuslimHistory
Continuing with our series this Sunday at 2pm EST tune in for a discussion with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick on some of our forgotten Black Muslim heroes including several Black companions of the Prophet SAW who played major roles in our history and Islamic Legacy!
Don't forget to tune in tomorrow at 2pm EST for a very special webinar program in honour of Black Muslim History Month with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick as we discuss ancient Egypt!
Really happy to add these books to my collection, all authored by Br Habeeb Akande please check out his work on such immensely important topics!
Don't forget this Sunday at 2pm EST I will be hosting a Facebook live discussion with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick on ancient Egypt to kick off Black Muslim History Month.
The six male victims of Sunday’s attack on a Quebec City mosque included a professor, a grocery store owner, two Guinean nationals and a Tunisian father.

Abdelkrim Hassane, 41
Abdelkrim Hassane had two young children who waited in vain for their father to return home, a co-worker said.

Mr. Hassane was a civil servant, working as an analyst-programmer for the Quebec government after a stint...
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Let me guess... he was mentally unstable with no ties to any portion of society. His right wing beliefs in no way shaped his actions and his Facebook trolling of rufugees and women was all done in good spirit.

His admiration of Donald Trump was also just coincidental and the fact that he openly supported France’s far right party Marine Le Pen and the Israeli Defense Forces doesn’t mean much....
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One major silver lining I see is that over the next four years there will be an unlimited amount of great comical material on this foolish man #BanBigots #MakeSandwichesNotWar #WelcomeToCanada
After the success of our #BlackMuslimsMatter webinar, I'm happy to announce another collobration between myself and Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick entitled "Black Muslim History Month".

Free webinars hosted on my facebook page every Sunday at 2pm EST during the month of February, where we will learn about an array of topics and gain a better appreciation for the rich Islamic history and...
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Thinking about Umrah this March? Check out Abadir Travel services. Seats are running out, register today inshaAllah.
Ummmm, no thanks ????
It's been a very emotionally draining week, dealing with the backlash from Muslims who feel that anti-black racism is not a topic worth discussing or that the events at #RIS2016 should have just been swept under the rug. I've had to block many people from my page who insisted on using offensive slurs against me because I've decided to speak up and approach this topic unapologetically.

To be...
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Following the recent controversies at #RIS2016 and the anti-black sentiments shared by Hamza Yusuf alongside the dismissal Black Muslims received from many of his followers, I decided to offer the muslim community some closure on this issue and thus I will be hosting a Facebook live event next Sunday featuring a panel of some fantastic speakers who will discuss the realities of race and...
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Meanwhile in Canada...