Boonaa Mohammed
Boonaa Mohammed
04/22/2017 at 15:21. Facebook
Jannat al-Baqi is a cemetery next to the Prophet's ﷺ masjid in Madinah where over 10,000 Companions are buried alongside some of the greatest scholars of this Ummah!
Ayaan Abdullahi
Khalilah Muhammad Rasool
Salwa Mahbub
Boonaa Mohammed
Boonaa Mohammed
04/20/2017 at 13:50. Facebook
‪Visiting the grave of the Prophet ﷺ in the blessed city of Madinah Al Munawwarah ‬
Umar Zia Siddiqui
Habiba Kadiye
Kowsar Hassan
Boonaa Mohammed
Boonaa Mohammed
04/19/2017 at 14:50. Facebook
That's right, I'm in the best city on Earth!
Sorayah Star
Abdelrahman Hosein
Mugtaba Bandas
Here's another one for the books, latest poetical rendition of "We Are Home"! Directed By Tahmid Shadman and featuring Artwork by the very talented Javaid Jah. Share, Like, Enjoy
Muhammad Faseeh Tahir
Samira Ahmed
Abd Ar-Raqib Mohammed Mansour
We are going to be conducting the final Tug of War live screenings over the next few months. If you are interested in bringing this film to your city please e-mail for more details.

Hopefully after Ramadan we will be making this film available to the general public through an online streaming service, thank you all so much for your patience and support!
Hanaa Vina McDermott
Sarah Shafiq
Ramla Abdirahman
Check out the final #BlackMuslimHistory discussion featuring Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick on the realities of Racism and how we can overcome this disgusting disease in our lives today.
Asia Mcherrin
Tejan Ibn Mustapha Kallon
Asia Mcherrin
For those of you who missed it, here is the livestream from yesterday with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick entitled Resistance in Bondage: The History of Black Muslim Slaves in the Americas. [ Link ]
For those of you who missed it here is the livestream from

Resistance in Bondage - Black Muslim History with Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick

Resistance in Bondage: The History of Black Muslim Slaves in the Americas livestream with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick

Aisha Folake Allen
Hasan Ali
Resistance in Bondage: The History of Black Muslim Slaves in the Americas livestream with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick
Patricia Lacquer Pinckombe
Ibrahim Al-Maskery
Abdulkerim Hussein
Another fantastic episode in our series on #BlackMuslimHistory featuring Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick on some of the forgotten Black Heroes in Islamic History.
Nafisa Akilu
Lisa Mohammed-Irvine
Raheema Misra
Here's the first week of discussion on ancient Egypt please enjoy and share!
Ziya Rahaman
Raheema Misra
Lisa Mohammed-Irvine
I know it's been a while but I'm happy to release my latest spoken word video, please share and enjoy!
Salahuddin Bark
Zulekha Habib
Zulekha Habib
So sick of this superficial concept of "shame" and "honour" that exists in some Muslim communities. A girl is raped and she is afraid to tell her family because that would bring shame on their name, are you kidding me??? I've even heard cases where a muslim woman is in the water drowning and the family doesn't want a non-mahram male lifeguard to save her or give her CPR because of the way that...
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Aysha G Qazi
Fasel Fasel
Loubna Quds
Alhumduallah I am so blessed to have been able to facilitate such an important discussion with esteemed scholars and teachers Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick, Dr. Donna A. Auston and Imam Shadeed Muhammad/Rawdah Admin. Hopefully this will be the first of many, this recording is now available on youtube for you to share with your family and friends, may Allah accept our efforts and grant us all the...
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Alhumduallah I am so blessed to have been able to facilitate such

Black Muslims Matter / Anti-Black Racism Webinar

Hosted by Boonaa Mohammed Featuring Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, Dr. Donna Auston and Imam Shadeed Muhammad

Nadia Abuisnaineh
Ayesha Nicole
Abud Jondy
Aishah Carriere
Mikal Shabazz
Bridgett Scarborough
Raafia Siddiqui
Layla Abdullah-Poulos
For those of you still questioning the reality of Anti-Black racism amongst Muslim communities, here is an example of a whole campaign that was launched in order to stop our own Arab and South Asian Brothers and Sisters from casually referring to Black Muslims as "Abeed" (slaves). When you don't even see us a dignified human beings and instead refer to us as personal property, there has to be...
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Cawo Maansheeye
Yaya Mohamed
Abbas Hussain
Check out this interview I did with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick for my #HangoutShow called "Being Black and Muslim" which ties in a lot of the points we will be discussing on Sunday during our "Black Muslim Matters" online webinar
Nani Mariam
Hurayrah Ndanusa
Safia Blu
I'm glad Sh. Hamza Yusuf clarified his statements at #RIS2016 and it takes a big man to own up to mistakes. I don’t believe he had malicious intent and hates black people or is a racist at heart. He has more knowledge in regards to Islam than I or most people will probably ever have, but the moment someone starts speaking about social injustice and racism from the perspective of a white man,...
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Sakinah Yusuff
Hira Siddiqui
Joo Rani Kim
Graphic Footage Warning:

A Turkish police officer opened fire and assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey at an art gallery in Ankara. Could this be the beginning of WWIII
GiGi Salih
Bahram Mia
Uthman Ale
360 Degree tour of Aleppo, may Allah protect these people. Ameen
Lisa Mohammed-Irvine
Biifiituu Oromoo Love
Nido Baroud