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The final video in this series, I hope you've enjoyed it and benefited greatly. I ask Allah to allow us to use art as a means of getting closer to Him and representing this beautiful religion of ours. Ameen
About to wrap up this series and thought I would answer one of the most frequently asked questions, which is how to conquer stage fright. I sometimes still get it, but over the years I've learned how to deal with it, find out on this episode of #ConnectTheDots
"Real recognize real, so really who are you" - Boonaa Mohammed (Wake Up)
These are a few things you should never, ever, ever do when presenting your spoken word poetry!
This is my tune right now! Show some "Real Love" and share this beautiful nasheed video from Ilyas Mao
In this episode of Connect the Dots, I finally get into making your performance stand out and how to make a great first impression in front of your audience.
"Could you imagine taking a class with Abdullah Ibn Abbas? A scholar by the age of 10, just a boy amongst the men"
A taste from one of my all time favourite poems called "Signs"
There are so many things poets may want to say but your audience only has so much attention span. Watch this video as I explain the process of cutting out the fat from your writing and making your piece as lean and powerful as possible!
A fascinating look into the political marginalization of over 25 million people in Ethiopia. Only in Africa could an ethnic group which is only 6% of the country hold 100% of the seats in parliament, and not see anything odd about it.

The #OromoProtests is something the rest of the world is slowly learning about but the Oromo people have been struggling for independence for decades. My...
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"You hang with 9 idiots, you're probably the 10th"
Watch as I explain the 3 golden R's of spoken word story-telling and how to really get your piece to sound like a million bucks, on this episode of Connect the Dots!
"Maniacs rule your cities, while geniuses drive your cabs"
Check out this #HangoutShow interview I conducted with Sh. Yahya Abu Sumayyah about his journey to Islam and his experiences as a white convert in the Muslim community!
Watch this module of Connect the Dots where I explain the two most important parts of any poem, and how you can make otherwise noncreative things sound more interesting!
How many words do you know? As a writer or lyricist, you are only as good as the words you are able to use. Find out more on this episode of Connect the Dots!
In this episode of Connect the Dots we examine the importance of understanding your audience, and how this dictates your word choice and overall approach. I also offer some advice on how to write the best love poem ;)
Facebook live with Sh. Muiz Bukhary