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Spring training has clearly taken a toll on some players.

Asdrubal Cabrera gets ejected while running to first base
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A Miami iguana invaded a tennis match but no one seemed to mind.

Rogue iguana interrupts Miami Open match
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Do not try this player's Twinkie diet at home.

Chicago's Yoan Moncada eats an absurd amount of Twinkies
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A year after being the victim in the national championship game, the North Carolina Tar Heels had their own Villanova Moment. Pat Forde column.

Script flipped: After agonizing title loss last season, UNC gets karmic upshot in last-second thriller
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Kentucky Wildcats players broke down after a crushing loss to the Tar Heels.

De'Aaron Fox's devastated reaction to Kentucky loss shows the other side of March Madness (Video)
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University of South Carolina coach Frank Martin is no stranger to being an underdog.

Final Four coach's future wife turned him down for a date seven times
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March Madness took on a literal meaning for Ohio viewers who missed the end of North Carolina-Kentucky.

CBS Columbus affiliate cuts away from North Carolina-Kentucky finish for weather warning
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Now that the Final Four teams are set, who's going to win it all in Phoenix?
= Gonzaga Men's Basketball
❀ = University of Oregon
= University of South Carolina
= North Carolina Tar Heels
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In dramatic fashion, the North Carolina Tar Heels are Final Four bound!

Luke Maye's dramatic last-second jumper sends North Carolina to the Final Four
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Don't tell Vince Carter to stick to sports.

Vince Carter promises to wear 'dunk-on-Trump' shirt
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Hah! Those pesky sharks! :-D
I Love To Laugh
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Unlikely bedfellows! Sweet BFF's :-)
At first, it is hard to tell what you are looking at. Can you guess what this is?

He’s Unrecognizable When Brought Into The Hospital, But A Quick Bath Transforms Him [video]
Giving birth is an adventure no mom can prepare enough for, but Joana was certainly not expecting to encounter a situation like this, especially so soon after her son’s birth.

Dad Puts Newborn In Mom’s Arms, Then She Pulls Back Blanket And Sees His Onesie Looks Different
This mom's smart storage idea is so simple, you'll be surprised you didn't think of it sooner! [ Link ]