Captain Jack Sparrow
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Gibbs: A loyal First Mate, through thick and thin!
The Lion King
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"Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble."
Clean Master
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【Win Tickets to International Java Jazz Festival】

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Your Na'vi word of the day: ti'o' (fun, excitement) [ Link ]
Family Guy
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It's been a long week...
Royal Story
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Woot! Solomon has used the magic to shrink the size of BLACK RHINO to save you more space!
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Royal Story
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Time Limited Pack From the Carnival Run is Online! Check Now! ►[ Link ]

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Royal Story
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Tadaa! Süleyman Kara Gergedan'ı küçülttü!
Bu sihir hoşuna gittiyse beğen ve paylaş, başka küçülmesini istediğin eşya ya da hayvan varsa yorumlara yaz! Hemen Oyna! ►[ Link ]
Royal Story
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The Carnival Run Starting!
Prepare what the Float needs to move forward! The further the Float runs, the better the rewards!
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Live Nation
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You heard it here: Brett Eldredge's newest single "Somethin' I'm Good At" is now online! [ Link ]

Get tickets to see him on tour! [ Link ]
Lonely Planet
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Would you rather visit Myanmar's Shwedagon Paya or Italy's Milan Cathedral? #FridayFaceoff
The Elder Scrolls
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Perfect for dusty roads, download Face Masks of Skyrim. #FeaturedModFriday [ Link ]
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คืนนี้ขอเสนอ รวม ’10 เรื่องสยองขนหัวลุกในต่างแดน’ มาดูกันว่า ผีไทย กับ ผีต่างชาติ ผีไหนจะสยองกว่ากัน? สำหรับแอด จะชาติไหนก็ขออย่าได้เจอเลย~ #เล่าเรื่องสยองก่อนนอน
Empire Movies
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هل سيتمكنون من الهروب؟ Life يعرض في صالات السينما إبتداءً من ٢٣ مارس

Trapped aboard the ship, how will they survive? Watch LIFE in cinemas starting March 23
Online Soccer Manager
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What's your favourite Tackling style?

Carefull =
Normal = (y)
Agressive = <3
Reckless =
Real love requires a commitment to give our best love. Commitment is a core aspect of love.Please share your thoughts. ~John Estrellas
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Peaceful scenery at Wellington Point Jetty, Queensland, Australia.

(c) Photography By J.G.Collis
Pirate Kings
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Pirates! Can you guess what's coming soon??
Comment + Share and 5 pirates will win 100 SPINS!

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Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but wine is a close second.
Pool Live Tour
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(S)potted on public transport!

This dude from Czech Republic certainly made a brave move to show what he loves, don't you think? :D