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• The apparent test of a ballistic missile comes a week after previous failed test. • It landed inside Japan’s economic zone where fishing and cargo ships are active.
MSN 05/28/2017

North Korea Fires Missile That Lands in Sea of Japan
Merriweather James
Steven Cain
Pete Perry
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Jonathan Smith
Robert Conger
David Picard
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Barbara Keith-Vallone
Joyce Rhodes Steele
Judy Geringer
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The GOP senator said he wants to review a document that influenced the then-FBI director's handling of the probe.
MSN 05/28/2017

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Comey needs to be ‘held accountable’ over Clinton investigation decisions
James Poe
Theresa Norwark
Stephen Tague
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Fear of earthquakes is part of life in California. But people experience this anxiety in different ways. For some, the fear prompts them to take steps to protect themselves: strapping down heavy furniture, securing kitchen cabinets and retrofitting...
MSN 05/28/2017

The Big One is going to happen, no matter how much you want to deny it, California scientists say
Sean Feekes
Tanya Tressler
Janet Johnston
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Remember the days when all you could grab from a vending machine was your favorite snack or maybe a Coca-Cola? Well, you won’t believe the incredible things you can buy from food and drink vending machines today.
MSN 05/28/2017

From Ferraris to gold bars, the world's most surprising vending machines
Eugene Watkins
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sunday blasted President Trump after a speech he gave last week scolding NATO allies for not paying their fair share for defense.
MSN 05/28/2017

Pelosi: Trump ‘disrespected our closest allies’ at NATO
Amy Watkins
Beriguete Americo
Kenneth Schencks
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Congressional Democrats on Sunday demanded to hear directly from top White House adviser Jared Kushner over allegations of proposed secret back-channel communications with Russia, saying the security clearance of President Donald Trump's son-in-law may need to be revoked.
MSN 05/28/2017

Kushner ties to Russia questioned as Trump blasts media lies
Matthew Saemenes
Joe Walton
Leonid Litwinenko
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Here's why billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban calls credit cards "the worst investment you can make."
MSN 05/28/2017

Mark Cuban: 'Don't use credit cards'
Miranda Wagner
Tara Eising
Randi J. Sloan-Demetriou
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​Every week we round up some of the major events and happenings from a week in history. Follow this series to see the timeline of the most important past moments.​​
MSN 05/28/2017

The Week in History: May 29-June 4
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Brandon Jacobs seems to still be quite bitter about his time with the San Francisco 49ers under Jim Harbaugh.
MSN 05/28/2017

Brandon Jacobs vows to 'expose' Jim Harbugh, get him fired
Sean Jones
Don McConahay
Teresa Deafenbaugh
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The first Ford-class supercarrier is billions over budget and more than a year overdue. Construction began in 2005, and the ship was supposed to join the fleet in 2016. The Navy hopes to commission the Ford sometime in 2017, but it won’t be ready for combat missions for several years after that.
MSN 05/28/2017

The Navy's $13 billion aircraft carrier faces its next big test
James M Patterson
Timothy Ahern
John Killiany
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Administration officials close to President Trump are reportedly saying White House advisor Jared Kushner may need to take a leave of absence amidst recent reports that he is under FBI scrutiny in the course of its investigation into Russia’s meddling in the presidential election.
MSN 05/28/2017

Kushner under pressure to take hiatus from White House: report
Clarence LeBlanc
Darrell Dunman
Phyllis Garcia
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برشلونة ينافس انتر ميلان الايطالي من اجل الفوز بخدمات نجم الريال السابق 05/29/2017

الشروق| برشلونة يعتمد على ميسي لضم نجم ريال مدريد السابق
النادي الكتالوني يصف ملك روما بالأسطورة في ليلة الوداع 05/29/2017

قول دوت كوم | برشلونة يودع توتي في ليلة روما الحزينة
yesterday at 23:45. Facebook
ويواجه حامل اللقب ريال مدريد نظيره يوفنتوس في المباراة النهائية لدوري الأبطال 05/28/2017

يلاكورة | 6 "خُرافات تاريخية" تهدد ريال مدريد في نهائي الأبطال
حاتم السعدي
yesterday at 23:15. Facebook
ويعد فيراتي الهدف الرئيسي لبرشلونة في سوق الانتقالات 05/28/2017

سبورت 360 | فيراتي يصدم برشلونة بتصريح جرئ
yesterday at 23:00. Facebook
وتم استبدال اللاعب بأندريه جوميز بعد 11 دقيقة فقط على صافرة انطلاقة نهائي كأس الملك ضد ألافيس.
وتم استبدال اللاعب بأندريه جوميز بعد 11 دقيقة فقط على صافرة انطلاقة نهائي كأس ال

سبورت 360 | برشلونة يعلن مدة غياب ماسكيرانو
yesterday at 22:15. Facebook
لفتة رائعة من ميسي عقب نهاية مباراة نهائي بطولة كأس ملك إسبانيا 05/28/2017

العربي الجديد | "ميسي" يتجاهل احتفالات فريقه..من أجل الاطمئنان على سلامة ماسكيرانو