Nu Skin Southeast Asia
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Last week of the month! Time to git it and zoom to 3K GSV!
These kids were formerly known as "blue babies". They had a congenital heart condition that made their lips and finger-tips turn blue. They often missed school because they were sickly. With support from SEACHF, these kids are now able to smile again and be happy carefree kids!
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Visit Germany
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3 reasons to visit Cologne: The impressive Cathedral, the vibrant Old Town and the traditional Kölsch beer.
Sun, Shade and Sea - all a part of the doctor's orders. #LoveAntiguaBarbuda
Rede de sushi elabora menu inspirado no lançamento da Disney Moana #japão #japan

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Rede de sushi elabora menu inspirado no lançamento da Disney Moana | Coisas do Japão
Coisas do Japão
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Pinturas de Star Wars no estilo tradicional japonês fazem sucesso #japão #japan

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Pinturas de Star Wars no estilo tradicional japonês fazem sucesso | Coisas do Japão
All About Japan
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The hit anime movie that took Japan by storm now has its own world, built and designed by a Minecraft player.

#AllAboutJapan #YourName #Minecraft

Explore 'Your Name' in a Whole New Way | All About Japan
ألمانيا Almaniah
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تعتبر #دوسلدورف واحدة من المدن الأكثر جاذبية في ألمانيا
#ألمانيا #حلوة_ألمانيا #المسافرون_العرب
#سياحة_سفر #المانيا #ألمانيا_غير
ألمانيا Almaniah
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هذا الجمال يمكنك إيجاده في بادن بادن فقط!!

#ألمانيا #حلوة_ألمانيا #المسافرون_العرب
#سياحة_سفر #المانيا #ألمانيا_غير #أحلى_مدن_ألمانيا #بادن_بادن
ألمانيا Almaniah
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صورة للخريف في قرية #اشرسليبن في مقاطعة #زاكسن_انهالت.
#ألمانيا #حلوة_ألمانيا #المسافرون_العرب
#سياحة_سفر #المانيا #ألمانيا_غير
ألمانيا Almaniah
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هذه هي #مدينة_كوبلنس ثالث أكبر مدن #ولاية_راينلاند بالاتينات الاتحادية غربي ألمانيا
#ألمانيا #حلوة_ألمانيا #المسافرون_العرب
#سياحة_سفر #المانيا #ألمانيا_غير
ألمانيا Almaniah
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شاهدوا كيف تتجول الطيور في الشوارع الألمانية!
#ألمانيا #حلوة_ألمانيا #المسافرون_العرب
#سياحة_سفر #المانيا #ألمانيا_غير
ألمانيا Almaniah
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الطبيعية في #بافاريا أعجزت ريشة الرسام عن رسمها
#ألمانيا #حلوة_ألمانيا #المسافرون_العرب
#سياحة_سفر #المانيا #ألمانيا_غير
Pace Gallery
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"Front Room: Adam Pendleton" is now open at The Baltimore Museum of Art!
The exhibition examines Black Dada—the artist's term for a broad conceptualization of blackness—as the animating force of his work.


Pace Gallery - "Front Room: Adam Pendleton" at the Baltimore Museum of Art
A spectacular video of Ireland's 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites ❤‍ Have you visited any of them? [ Link ]

Mystical Island of Ireland
One&Only Resorts
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Satisfy your every craving at One&Only Royal Mirage Dubai.
Uncommon Caribbean
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The silver lining to overdoing it on the nightlife scene in the Caribbean... Who could use a little chill time by the sea in the Turks and Caicos Islands today..?

Chillin’ By the Sea in Provo, Turks and Caicos
Uncommon Caribbean
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Sunday is beach day! So, have you ever gone black? If so, do tell! If not, may we recommend a visit to Montserrat? [ Link ]
Rendez-vous en France
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France is full of beautiful Gothic and Romanesque cathedrals, but Aubeterre-sur-Dronne is different: one of the country’s #MostBeautifulVillages is also home to an incredible subterranean church, carved into a cliff. Tag someone you would explore with! [ Link ]
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Adakah setiap kakitangan kerajaan "dipaksa" menyokong kerajaan? Ini negara demokrasi atau kukubesi?

Guru propembangkang, hentam kerajaan disaran letak jawatan