Casa de América
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Vive la música que sonó en 1995. Estos son algunos de los temas que vosotros habéis elegido... ¿Te falta alguno? Añade tus canciones preferidas a nuestro Spotify.
At 14 stories high, The Tree Tower in Bergen (Norway) is the world’s tallest residential timber building yet. The trend for a more sustainable building is definitely here!
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School Ministry happening in Petrusburg Free State, #SouthAfrica. This is a small farming community with a high unemployment rate. Please pray for this community and that hope continues to grow in these children as they share God's Word with others!
UNDEF debuted at the Nairobi Film Festival with the story of Maria as she fights her way through the sleaze of elections to Parliament. The film is part of an UNDEF Kenya project to empower women and youth in the settlements of Kamukunji, including developing their creative potential through educational films and plays.

‘Maria’: A picture of dirty politics
Acompáñanos en el taller virtual: Nutrición para deportistas, hoy 6:00 p.m hora CA solo debes dar clic al siguiente link: [ Link ]

¡Te esperamos!
Fondazione BCFN
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Fondazione BCFN (Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition) è partner scientifico del #foodfest17 che rilancerà un’iniziativa che coinvolge giornalisti e scrittori del settore alimentare.

Durante l’evento torinese sarà presentato il Food Sustainability Media Award rivolto a giornalisti professionisti e talenti emergenti.

Scopri di più sul sito della manifestazione!

La Fondazione Barilla al Festival del Giornalismo Alimentare
By 2030, countries should reduce their maternal mortality ratios by at least two-thirds from 2010 baseline and NO COUNTRY should end up with a maternal mortality ratio greater than 140 deaths per 100,000 live births.

The Global and National Maternal Mortality Targets for the Sustainable Development Goals
Voy al Doc
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Te presentamos la Unidad Médica G Medical Center, cuenta con las especialidades de #MedicinaFamiliar, #Internista, #Reumatólogo, #MedicinaPreventiva y #GinecologíayObtetricia.

Ubicada en la Del. #Cuauhtémoc

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Our second Annual #Agile and #Scrum Conference goes live on May 4th. Join a global community of professionals to learn everything you need to know about the best practices Agile and Scrum Got more questions? Use #iilAgileCon and become a part of the conversation.
Learn today how to leverage the power of #Microsoft® Project 2013 to manage your upcoming projects

Leverage the Power of Microsoft® Project 2013 to Manage Your Projects
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What a great Cuppa & Connect meet up we had last night. Thanks to the amazing bunch of young adults who came down to the The MaE Deli by Deliciously Ella.

Whether you're newly diagnosed, living with or the effects of cancer, we're here for you. Find support at
We wanted to share a few quick tips to help you read with your child. Do you have any to add? What works with your family?
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Establishing an affectionate parent-infant bond is essential for every newborn’s survival and development. Learn more about parent bonding and developmental care for premature babies on medperts!

medperts special - Bonding with preterm babies
Today's debate: This house believes in a right to self-defense.

This house believes in a right to self-defense
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Mama Cash explores the quality and quantity of funding for women's rights work.

How funding women and girls translates (or doesn’t) into money for feminist movements
See how you can foster good Digital Citizenship in your classroom! Lay out the benefits & risks of the online world: [ Link ]

Digital Citizenship
Teach For All
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"Go beyond the pages of textbooks to teach young people about determination, aspiration, resilience and of course compassion." Prince Harry - We couldn't agree more!

Prince Harry praises teacher 'compassion' - BBC News
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Mom's #opioid prescription, children's #overdose. #Addiction

Child's Overdose Risk Higher When Mother Is Prescribed Opioids
A menstruação não dá as caras faz tempo e fica a dúvida.
É possível engravidar sem menstruar?

É possível engravidar sem menstruar?