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Pew, pew pew, pew - turns out 1970’s video game got it right

During an almost two-week search, the OSIRIS-REx Sample Return Mission team activated the spacecraft’s MapCam imager and scanned part of the surrounding space for elusive Earth-Trojan asteroids — objects that scientists believe may exist in one of the stable regions that co-orbits the sun with Earth. Although no Earth-Trojans were...
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My everyday story...
#ExchangeAlumni there is just 6 days left to submit your #AEIF2017 application!

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We have a new favourite animal! Scientists have discovered the world’s first known fluorescent amphibian — the South American polka-dot tree frog.

Yale Environment 360​ has all the details: [ Link ]
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Check out NASA's Space Launch System Facebook Live event TODAY at 4 pm ET to watch a LIVE RS-25 engine test!
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Hubble eyes a quasar that's not where it should be. Scientists think merging black holes could be to blame! WATCH: [ Link ]
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ما تشاهده ليس بتراب بل هو......
أكمل الفراغ
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Ellos ya son parte de la gran familia de academia Europea, ¿y tu que esperas? Inscríbete ya y alcanza tu sueño de aprender otro idioma con los mejores, somos #1enIdiomas

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Technology can help simplify diabetes tasks! A community member shares her excitement on how a CGM helped her lower her A1c. Read her story and get inspired!

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Stretch of spotless sun observed

For 15 days starting on March 7, 2017, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, returned visible light images of a yolk-like spotless sun. This is the longest stretch of spotlessness since the last solar minimum in April 2010, indicating the solar cycle is marching on toward the next minimum, which scientists predict will occur between 2019—2020.

The sun...
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Para manter os pulmões funcionando fora do organismo – enquanto aguarda pela cirurgia de transplante – os médicos utilizam-se de um aparelho que mantém uma circulação sanguínea artificial, garantindo a oxigenação e manutenção das células. Incrível, não?

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O Dia Mundial da Água existe pra gente se conscientizar, por isso vamos preservar esse bem tão precioso. #DiaMundialDaAgua
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What does high-speed internet in space look like? We're taking a look...

NASA is developing a trailblazing, long-term technology demonstration of what could become the high-speed internet of the sky.

The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) will help NASA understand the best ways to operate laser communications systems. They could enable much higher data rates for connections...
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Sabendo como é o seu rosto, você já parou para pensar que ele não foi sempre assim? Esta animação mostra como é o desenvolvimento do rosto humano em um embrião. Quem diria que aquela estrutura estranha se transformaria em um rosto tão lindo (há controvérsias)?

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زهر الربيع :)
ابعتولنا صور للربيع في بلدكم
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American photographer Toni Frissell was well-known for her portraits of the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, as well as some of the nation's rich and powerful like Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Kennedys. In the 1950s she became one of the few female sports photographers to gain industry renown. #WomensHistoryMonth